Tune in, drop out


Tune in drop out was the slogan of sixties “hipee” counterculture.  Loosely interpreted it meant, you have the choice to alter your present from the past and forge a new reality for yourself, well maybe, without even knowing it, they were on to something…

Consider having the ability to restructure the atomic structures around you in any order and you could know the order of any point in time and space in the past then you can restructure any set of Atoms to structurly simulate any moment in time to exact perfection.

Now if manipulating the fabric of the universe is a bit far fetched, what about harnessing it, using it?

For example although our experience of music is a networking of varying influences and chemical processes. Could the combination of thoughts and mood altering chemical effect of music be a manifestation bubbling up as the result of changes at the atomic level?

How the theory works.

Equation to express the infinite states of vibratory frequencies
F=(M)(v*pi) {this represents very to the power of infinite pi}

F= Frequency which expresses the observers view of present state.
M=Matter at the simple subatomic form currently expressed as the bozs.
V=Vibratory state
pi=a infinite series mathematical expressions of state


Principle 1- Every subatomic particle is free to sit at any state at any time.  It’s catalyst for change is through energy exchange of any kind. Energy exchange is understood to be another for of vibratory frequency exchange l depleating and increasing the level of vibratory intensity across a pair of subatomic particle/waves in an ever spreading and intensity decreasing wace.

Principle 2- A subatomic vibratory state aligned universally defines the observers present reality.

Principle 3 – temporal entropy can be observed as a series of never ending unique “fingerprint” vibratory states.

Principle 4 – A subatomic particle exists in all vibratory states simultaneously permanently.

In short by altering frequency we are actually initiating the force for the tuning of a new parallel universe that has always existed. the reason why it’s always existed is that any point in time and space can be replicated by arranging the appropriate atom
composition and vibratory frequency.  These arrangements arrangement splinter and fork with the introduction of energy.   Living things manifest such force commonly in any activity and motion.

Peace man, a very little tiny subatomic peace…


Integration is at the heart of being human


What type of integration am I referring to?

Well which came forth first in your mind.  For me it was the thought of complex algorithms that interweave varying systems as one seamless personal experience.  

The next can vary from wealth, power and might to race, religion and nature.  The fact is integration where we live.

This will deal with the integration at a particle physics/universal scale.

Our motion through time and space meet the friction of other forms in motion.  The cascading events triggered create the passage of time therefore time is but a measure of integrations. 

For example. As we lift from a chair the vacuum created as we lift off a chair disrupts the surrounding area.  As we rise the very air pushes back increasing our latency of motion ever so slightly and beyond our ability to perceive it, but it’s there.  Millions of atoms are colliding as your compressed version of atoms brushes them aside.   Our body’s displacement of the air may push a scent to a stream of air molecules.  The stream will land the scent on the receptors of a nearby searching insect, whose scent initiated pause is watched by a swooping bird that picks up and swallows the insect as the scent settles from its journey.

Now consider where integration may not exist and you’ll find it’s everywhere.

Everything is integrated because everything is fundamentally made of the elusive god particle.  So if everything is made of a God particle then everything is touching.  Then integration is all.  If varying states of integration define time then time can be modeled.

Integrating the states of particles in any arrangenent or pattern can create any given point in time without variance from the original and in fact questions the state of origin.

How’s that for integration.

Lost in temptation


One of the strongest drivers of civilization has been set and never before has this been more evident than today. Although the ancient cultures knew how to party all too well, it was not a global party as it is today.

Most people fear this is a destroyer of morality and leads to the eventual decay of civilizations. Unfortunately we don’t have the hind sight of experience to know if this actually true. Our history tells us that both the savages and the “civilized” both were focused on sex.  In fact it can be first if not a top reason for the creation of civilization and many a war.

Some wars were fought for sex (women) and in all the wars after money, sex was considered the carrot that could move armies. In fact the more repressive a society the greater the sex crimes and exploitations.

It’s power of control is legendary. Pillow talk has shaped many political landscapes and destroyed many careers

The more wealth is accumulated generally the greater the level of promiscuity.

So now one of the major religions, Catholicism is likely to allow priest to marry. This is one way the church hopes to maintain its clergy as well as combat sexual frustrations that have come close to destroying it’s power.

Sex like food is a human drive. We have perfected the global food engine in most advanced countries and that’s led to weight and health issues. Like food the industrialization of sex has brought it’s problems but open sexuality seems to lead to reduced repression and exploitation.

Open sexuality gives back control to its participates and limits segregation. It’s seems that our individual forces to want sex can combine to a change what many fear and others want. The fear is largely because they live in rules and houses built by the past and it’s difficult to self assess you may be incorrect and may be incorrect for years. As we progress soon this fear will be lost in temptation.