Who’s will be done


What is it that we’d like to explore when making a decision, are we finding that most of our decisions are not made on facts; For example the expression “just go with your gut”, can only be uttered in the face of complete uncertainty or in defiance of facts.  It’s emphasis is based on and ultimately satisfying an emotional position.

This senseless factless force is what we see driving self servering groups draped with the blood of radical terrorism today.

If we start with making decisions based on facts like Ebola and starvation and not what someone says God said then we can really enact change.

Unfortunately it seems it’s easier to rape a people than lead them.

Use your brain, learn what is really driving those leading you. 

Use the only tool god gave you to see through everyone’s agenda. 

Find your role in their agenda and reflect

Then make fact based decisions.

Seriously if you don’t use your mind to learn and see through others opinions disguised as facts, you are condemned to living someone else’s dream or nightmare.

Have a nice life, whoever it may belong to.


Tune in, drop out


Tune in drop out was the slogan of sixties “hipee” counterculture.  Loosely interpreted it meant, you have the choice to alter your present from the past and forge a new reality for yourself, well maybe, without even knowing it, they were on to something…

Consider having the ability to restructure the atomic structures around you in any order and you could know the order of any point in time and space in the past then you can restructure any set of Atoms to structurly simulate any moment in time to exact perfection.

Now if manipulating the fabric of the universe is a bit far fetched, what about harnessing it, using it?

For example although our experience of music is a networking of varying influences and chemical processes. Could the combination of thoughts and mood altering chemical effect of music be a manifestation bubbling up as the result of changes at the atomic level?

How the theory works.

Equation to express the infinite states of vibratory frequencies
F=(M)(v*pi) {this represents very to the power of infinite pi}

F= Frequency which expresses the observers view of present state.
M=Matter at the simple subatomic form currently expressed as the bozs.
V=Vibratory state
pi=a infinite series mathematical expressions of state


Principle 1- Every subatomic particle is free to sit at any state at any time.  It’s catalyst for change is through energy exchange of any kind. Energy exchange is understood to be another for of vibratory frequency exchange l depleating and increasing the level of vibratory intensity across a pair of subatomic particle/waves in an ever spreading and intensity decreasing wace.

Principle 2- A subatomic vibratory state aligned universally defines the observers present reality.

Principle 3 – temporal entropy can be observed as a series of never ending unique “fingerprint” vibratory states.

Principle 4 – A subatomic particle exists in all vibratory states simultaneously permanently.

In short by altering frequency we are actually initiating the force for the tuning of a new parallel universe that has always existed. the reason why it’s always existed is that any point in time and space can be replicated by arranging the appropriate atom
composition and vibratory frequency.  These arrangements arrangement splinter and fork with the introduction of energy.   Living things manifest such force commonly in any activity and motion.

Peace man, a very little tiny subatomic peace…

Integration is at the heart of being human


What type of integration am I referring to?

Well which came forth first in your mind.  For me it was the thought of complex algorithms that interweave varying systems as one seamless personal experience.  

The next can vary from wealth, power and might to race, religion and nature.  The fact is integration where we live.

This will deal with the integration at a particle physics/universal scale.

Our motion through time and space meet the friction of other forms in motion.  The cascading events triggered create the passage of time therefore time is but a measure of integrations. 

For example. As we lift from a chair the vacuum created as we lift off a chair disrupts the surrounding area.  As we rise the very air pushes back increasing our latency of motion ever so slightly and beyond our ability to perceive it, but it’s there.  Millions of atoms are colliding as your compressed version of atoms brushes them aside.   Our body’s displacement of the air may push a scent to a stream of air molecules.  The stream will land the scent on the receptors of a nearby searching insect, whose scent initiated pause is watched by a swooping bird that picks up and swallows the insect as the scent settles from its journey.

Now consider where integration may not exist and you’ll find it’s everywhere.

Everything is integrated because everything is fundamentally made of the elusive god particle.  So if everything is made of a God particle then everything is touching.  Then integration is all.  If varying states of integration define time then time can be modeled.

Integrating the states of particles in any arrangenent or pattern can create any given point in time without variance from the original and in fact questions the state of origin.

How’s that for integration.

The coexistence of Faith, Magic and Science


Through time science has been cast as being against faith and magic.  One main premise of disagreement surrounds concepts like god. 

The majority of those that describe how science attacks the magical or the religious don’t understand the role of science.

First Science is not a religion or a movement created to convince, in fact it was not invented at all, it was created as a by product of understanding what is not understood.   It was eventually named as a way to collect and categorize concepts for interpreting nature.

Its objective is to enlighten and empower man not limit, belittle or confuse man.

So how can science, faith and magic coexist?

Let’s take magic.  The entertainment form of magic is based on the ability to manipulate and leverage nature to create an illusion.   For example magicians understand that the human eye can be influenced to follow distractions and the use of speed can comprise the human eyes ability to see objects as they move.  All of magic is based on understanding nature and using it. So when scientists decompose the magician’s trick is not to ruin it but to allow others to learn it.  In fact magic has even been leveraged by scientists to conduct brain and other physical studies.

Now lets take faith or religion for this is where the real battkes are fought. 

Put simply, Science our framework for understanding, measuring and leveraging reality to our benefit.  

Science is limited because it 2as created by humans and most likely will never be capable of proving or disproving God. 

What science does is disprove Gods based on human nature since human nature is observable and within it framework.   Science basically says that any God that may exist is so beyond our comprehension that we simply lack the frame of reference to prove or disprove what created what we call reality.

Ironically, I always go back to a very religious man, St. Augustin when I try to fathom what God may be.

There is a story that St. Augustin who was a Catholic saint of the middle ages, would regularly ponder what was God and why God would allow the injustices he regularly observed. 

One of these times St. Augustin was sitting on the shore of a beach thinking of who, what and why God was.  During the hours he sat contemplating these thoughts he was watching a child that was carrying a bucket back and forth between the water and a hole in the ground.  Each time the boy would fill the bucket with water run back to the hole he had previously dug on the beach and pour the water into the hole. 

After several hours St. Augustin decided he wanted to see what the boy was doing.  He rose, brushed off the sand and approached the boy as he agian emptied his bucket of sea water into the hole. 

St. Augustin called out to the boy and asked, what are you doing?  The boy paused and said I am trying to put the water in the ocean into this hole.  St. Augustin, who not only was religious but had been formally educated said.

“Boy this is madness, you will never put the ocean into that hole, in fact each time you pour your water in, it just goes right back into the ocean.”

With this the boy paused and said “if I cannot put the ocean into this hole what makes you think you can put God into your mind.”  According to the legend at that time St. Augustin understood he had no way of understanding God for he had no frame of reference.

Now, both sides of the argument, magic versus science are composed of people. As we know people come in all shapes, sizes and with personal opinions and preconceived notions.  St. Augustin for example was a Catholic so he assumed the boy to be Christ for that was his frame of reference.  He came to his conclusions using his preconceived notions of who represented God but was he any more wrong in his conclusion than the scientist that says heaven is not above in the clouds and hell is not at the center of the earth?

So in conclusion all science attempts to do is explain, using the only tools we have, our senses.  In fact many scientists willingly refer to a universal architect.   Science explains what the creator has done, it never disproves its existance only seeks its mechanics and understands that we don’t know what it, who or why it is.

Worship at will what you may but don’t enforce your comfort zone on others for usually its much less comforting for them.

Comets hitting mars.


If you have not heard there is a comet hitting Mars around October or November this year.  The most amazing thing is we have rovers on Mars today and they will bare witness to this event.  So if you thought Armagedon was a good movie stay tuned its about to get real,  we hope.  Yes there is a chance the comet may also miss Mars, but unlikely. Instead there is even a greater chance it will hit while Mars is on the opposite side of our Sun and all our transmissions will be blocked.  This means that when our rovers capture the atmospheric entry
and impact we will be unable to see it.  By the way once there is impact its very likely the rovers will be demolished or damaged to the point that we will never see what was recorded unless we see it live seconds before the massive wsumami of earth (Mars) engulfs and destroys them.  So hold on to your hats it may be a once in a hundred lifetimes opportunity or just another fresh crater to see. 

The apex of extinction


As we evolve as a race so does our self awareness as a part of the greater universe.  This universe seems as large in the grand scale as infinite in the micro scale.  The study of who we are and where we are increasingly challenges the gift we call the norm. 

The normal state of the human race to the those least educated is local and direct.  The more we learn the more we understand the cause and effect of things and events that initially seem completely indirect.  

When we learned that beyond our dwellings were others, we learned envy and devised means of extending contorl beyond our doors.  This extends to the current struggles we face militarily, economically,  politically and religiously.  
When we learned that our bodies aged and we eventually died, we learned fear of death and devised methods of self care.  This extends to our current battle biologically for survival.  Today we face the antiboitic effectiveness cliff, the dangers of unexpected side effects and the invention of weaponized viruses.

When we learned that earth is one speck of sand in a throbbing living beach we called the universe, we lost our sense of control and devised methods of understanding to enhance predictability.   Today we watch in wonder as heavenly bodies skim the outer atmosphere and stare in horror at ancient craters.

When we learned that nature was self preserving we lost our image of it as mother and instead found ourselves to be more coincidence. Now we devise technologies in an increasingly futile attmept to master her savagery. We building sea walls, racing to find ways of achieving climate manipulation, sustaining our food chain through engineering of food production and arrogantly terra forming wastelands that are unsustainable.

We learned that darkness can occur in daylight as we learned that radiation is invisible to our eyes and we devised sensors to alert us that its too late.  This extends to the current monitoring of our star and unstable elements.

Considering all we’ve learned and our devised mitigations are we safer or are we more aware that this normal we take fore granted is the reason man’s existence is only recorded for less than 10, 000 years.  Are we becoming self aware of our peril as the apex of our mass extinction nears?

The astro-physic Carl Sagan gave this warning over 20 years ago in his book “a pale blue dot”

I paraphrase; the salvation of our kind is hinged on our ability to escape this pale dot, fore it is evident in the geological record that we are likely catastrophically visited every 25 thousand years by an event that will wipe out civilization.   It is further evident that complete annihilation occurs every 50 thousand years and complete extinction is visited every several million years and all are sudden. 

We have largley been normal for over thousands of years, this is not the book of revelations nor the next mayan apocalypse its warning that does not come from man but instead interpreted by mans intellect.   Its deciphered by our minds the one true gift from our creator, our brain.  Everything its showing us says we are facing a series of frieght trains barreling towards the apex of our extinction.

The spine on mars


So how can anyone saparate reality from fiction.  Can there be a way to find authorized or serious academic points on things like the spine on mars pixs?  I have spent hours trying to get official nasa or otherwise recognized respecred insitution to no avail.  Think of all the nonsense that can be easily debunked.  Yes there will always those that are sure the men in black and luminati are controlling everything but these guys are a lost cause.  Lets stop ignorance by responding officially not ignoring.  In fact I still have not idea if the spine on mars is something more than rocks.