Who’s will be done


What is it that we’d like to explore when making a decision, are we finding that most of our decisions are not made on facts; For example the expression “just go with your gut”, can only be uttered in the face of complete uncertainty or in defiance of facts.  It’s emphasis is based on and ultimately satisfying an emotional position.

This senseless factless force is what we see driving self servering groups draped with the blood of radical terrorism today.

If we start with making decisions based on facts like Ebola and starvation and not what someone says God said then we can really enact change.

Unfortunately it seems it’s easier to rape a people than lead them.

Use your brain, learn what is really driving those leading you. 

Use the only tool god gave you to see through everyone’s agenda. 

Find your role in their agenda and reflect

Then make fact based decisions.

Seriously if you don’t use your mind to learn and see through others opinions disguised as facts, you are condemned to living someone else’s dream or nightmare.

Have a nice life, whoever it may belong to.


Just in case


For some time now I have been a bit perplexed at the fervor at which events like Christmas and school now prayer are attacked.  My reasoning is one of a libertarian.   Live and let live is my motto.

You want prayer in school there’s a lot worse things I would think.  The nativity and Santa Claus for Christmas, it’s jacko’lanterns at Holloween.  Valentine’s day another good example of commercialism at its best.  Do it don’t do it whatever..

Then I ran against a true atheist.   Worse he someone I respect and call a good if not my best friend.

The subject had never come.up before so in leisure conversation I mentioned what’s the big deal with “in god we trust”

I had recently read where the words are being taken off the currency and thought, it’s a tradition, what’s the big deal??

My friend remind me that it’s not about live and let live with religion.  In fact it’s largely been do and submit or pay for many.  It’s about the freedom to choose not the freedom to allow. You can pray, you can trust and you can celebrate just don’t government sanction.

Initially and for a few days I was bit disturbed by his stance.  I tried to find many ways that described why he was being frivolous.   Who cares I thought.

All the while I was haunted by what I see in the middle east, what happens in the cults and those that suffer today under ideologically based persecution.

As a Catholic we tend to be selective on how we believe while retaining our label of catholic.  The Catholics are the most liberal as most of us are religious just in case.

The mob goes to church right after they committ a crime.  Countless go to church as pro choice.  Gay and lesbians enter the church and take communion.  Although all of these are against doctrine the church community is generally inclusive and focused on the larger picture and if not then it’s due to cultural norms that determine strict adherence to doctrine. All in all its the Universal religion and Christ himself (at least what’s in the bible) never addresses these topics instead it’s man’s interpretation of his teachings that create the controversy.

So as days passed after our discussion and much thought on my end, I came across the topic of inclusion.   I remembered that Christmas is now being shared and that this felt as an invasion.   I remembered how I could not believe that now we had to celebrate 2, 3 and soon 4 other traditions.  Some.invented to provide ethic identity! !  I was incensed!   Its not bad enough that the atheists are after us but now I had to send my kids to learn some ridiculous….  that’s when it hit me.

In short the lesson is live and let live.  If you want to have a nativity on your lawn, knock yourself out.  Start a passion play at the church awesome but force me to engage sorry.

I like being a Catholic because I feel Christ was a change agent.  He said I don’t come to worship the law but to destroy it (loose quote but general meaning is right)

I like that if we have a gift from God it’s our brain and with it comes choice.   I choose what I want but make no mistake is hedge my bets just in case!!



Throughout history loving a same sex partner has exsisted.  In some cases it been due to isolation as occurs in prisons.   The facts are humans need contact and isolation has led many to feel attracted to others that have shared similar likes, opinions anything that lessens isolation.  The sex drive that lays testament to humanity’s ability to endure is strong.  We are divinely endowed with a sex drive that will easily cast aside common sense.  Even when isolation is not enforced as with the agricultural societies of past.  How many tales of beastiality colored our past ancestors.

The fact is humans are made and designed to procreate.  The religious attacks on sex are nothing more than control for the dominance of a tribe.  If sex was freely allow then the units were scattered.   A family unit was easier to control through prosperity.  A father was added to a tribe and his lineage would follow. The mother created but each time took 9 months and usually died so their value was diminished.  Instead one father could yeild a brood of hundreds in 9 months by using hundreds of mothers.  This was why having many wives was accepted. Capture the father you captured many mothers and the entire future. 

So enough said humans have a divine drive to have sex and sex will not be stopped with elimination of opposite human producing partners.

Here then lies our conundrum.

Why are people gay….

Is there a reason?

Must there be a reason?

Ok lets think about what this meant through the ages….

Some races like the greeks had events that were only for men.  The original Olympics were a man only event and all contestants and most attending were nude.  This must have surely raise the hairs on the backs, if not other things of most Greco-roman wrestling spectaors of their day.  But why you ask.?  Well woman at the time were seen as easy things own but a man that was different that meant you owned what could not be owned. 

I must confess I am not gay, have never been attracted and even when I have thought of why I am not gay in the solace of my heart.   I can easily know same sex person is attractive, but what I most strongly crave resides elsewhere.

I have also had many gay friends, some have disappointed me as they have cast me aside for not being gay.  Not all gays are good but then neither are heteros.  While others I have as some of my closet friends that I truly love and cherish.  Others are just same sex people i love and the sex plays no part but I love them.

Ok enough on why I think I feel I am not a Homophobic person.  Here is where many of you will hate me.

I feel being gay is not normal and I define normal as within the bounds of nature and science.  

At heart I am a scientist and I have developed my own thoery for why we have such a predominant gay influence.

By the way one of my best gay friends once said if I did not know you,  I would take this the wrong way. 

I really ask you don’t take this anyway but at its merit its science that is where I lie. Also know that being gay is not “bad’. It’s just is being alive, and liking what you like. You only have one life please enjoy it. NO ONE IS GIVING ANY OF US ANOTHER

Let’s start with a simple test.  Nature is a bitch as was said in WWZ with Brad Pitt. 

In the past many men and women were forced to conceal their gay tendancies as this could mean alienation or worse.  So how did they hide.

They hid in plane site….

They married,  they had children and they suffered.

Recently we have started a movement to allow the gay to be open.  I applaud this.

Don’t get excited, here comes the, I hate you!!!

I believe that we have been promoting a anti nature experiment for thousands of years. 

For the first time gay don’t have to hide to have sex

For the first time the gay gene is not spread to hide being gay

For the first time gay have no fear and can live normal lives.

Hey??  wait a minute buddy what are you saying, you ask….?

Yes I feel that by allowing people to be openly gay they will minimize the inclination towards being gay.  Will it be eliminated, no…

Place one hundred gay people on an island wait one hundred years and what’s left?

Gay exist in animals but as a by product of isolation not a social concentration.   By isolating the gay community we have allowed a not normal gene to permeate our society. . 

Please not normal does not mean evil, but instead not scientifically sustainable.

Here is the cold hard fact.

Take all the gay people and separate them into male and female camps.  Then transfer those camps to separate islands.  Wait one hundred years.

Go back….

Nature has done its job.

We have created our own Frankenstein.   I know this sounds bad but its not.  No one alive is bad or good by design they are good or bad by their legacy. 

Do you want to be remembered by what or who you are.  It never changes just because you are or are nor gay.  You are you and thats what you leave.  If you seek a label then maybe thats part of why its not normal.

I want all my gay friends to know I love them like everyone else.  You are not special for being gay, you have always been special for being you.

The lone passenger


So you love….

So you hate…

So you fear…

So they love you…

So they hate you…

So they fear you..

These are the states of our human nature with a grey spectrums in between

Do you truly know what you love and who loves you. 

Is the veneer in front of you that you portray met by another veneer?

Are the facts of your darkest dirtiest secrets relieved?   Do you tell of the way you felt about thier loss?  Is there a way to describe the fear you felt at the hands of a bully?  What was your response to the scene in that movie that disturbed your friends?   Why don’t your friends talk about how when you took the property of others in such a way they did not know.  You had the thing you wanted and they didn’t know??  What about the thoughts of sex that raged in you when you saw them.  Were you bad or was acting it out bad??  The test was not that important but its result stood in your way???

You knew the kitten was in pain but the control was something you never felt.  You didn’t want to hurt it but now that it died are you bad……

The lie was bad but the truth was worse…

These are but examples of what the lone passenger faces.   You are a sibling, parent, spouse, or friend.  But most of all you are truly alone…

You are born and it seems that life has been a gift designed for you.  After sometime of interaction and consequences you find that somethings are not for you, but the reflections of anothers stae they are about your circumstances and sometimes about their consequences.  

When you go outside of your mind and touch the world you learn it touches back and it can hurt.  The pain comes from rejections, isolation, abandonment,  care, love and expectations.

You respond by shying from the negative response and gravitating towards your experiences as from impulsive instinct.  These act begin to compromise your self image. they begin the building of an image but not your image. They are crafted by you internally but in their image.  In some ways this is a blessing for we are an animal born to rule and rule with extreme prejudice. Our fear of otgers opinion contorls our cruelty. Our fear of thier cruelty controls our own.

We seem more driven by fear than anything else. I have often times reflected on my religoius up bringing and doubted its virtures, for did I love God or fear the wrath of not loving God.  was I taught why I should love God or rather taught that the onky way to escaoe Satan was through God. Did tgis make God the center on my religion or the alternative of my fears.

We are born alone and we are destined to depart alone.  We can reach out but in our hearts we know we sit as a lone passenger facing our final hour. 

We spend much of our time in the reflection of our actions through the looking glass of those that sit as spectators.    We in turn are the spectators to others.  So be careful of your judgenents for they may set the precedent of your fate.

We fear the reflection we see while pushing reflections in an effort to enhance our own self worth. 

We see the unfortunate and feel better of our lot.

We find sorrow in the less fortunate and feel merit in our selfishness.

We see the fortunate and assume malpractice.

We see true beauty and proface it as vanity

Our misguided fear builds an image that prevents us from sharing ourselves and therefore only provide others the image of of an actor on the stage of life.  In the end we may have not allowed anyone to really know us and therefore step off the train of life as mysterious lone passengers never to be known.  share true self and in the end at least they can say they knew you.

The coexistence of Faith, Magic and Science


Through time science has been cast as being against faith and magic.  One main premise of disagreement surrounds concepts like god. 

The majority of those that describe how science attacks the magical or the religious don’t understand the role of science.

First Science is not a religion or a movement created to convince, in fact it was not invented at all, it was created as a by product of understanding what is not understood.   It was eventually named as a way to collect and categorize concepts for interpreting nature.

Its objective is to enlighten and empower man not limit, belittle or confuse man.

So how can science, faith and magic coexist?

Let’s take magic.  The entertainment form of magic is based on the ability to manipulate and leverage nature to create an illusion.   For example magicians understand that the human eye can be influenced to follow distractions and the use of speed can comprise the human eyes ability to see objects as they move.  All of magic is based on understanding nature and using it. So when scientists decompose the magician’s trick is not to ruin it but to allow others to learn it.  In fact magic has even been leveraged by scientists to conduct brain and other physical studies.

Now lets take faith or religion for this is where the real battkes are fought. 

Put simply, Science our framework for understanding, measuring and leveraging reality to our benefit.  

Science is limited because it 2as created by humans and most likely will never be capable of proving or disproving God. 

What science does is disprove Gods based on human nature since human nature is observable and within it framework.   Science basically says that any God that may exist is so beyond our comprehension that we simply lack the frame of reference to prove or disprove what created what we call reality.

Ironically, I always go back to a very religious man, St. Augustin when I try to fathom what God may be.

There is a story that St. Augustin who was a Catholic saint of the middle ages, would regularly ponder what was God and why God would allow the injustices he regularly observed. 

One of these times St. Augustin was sitting on the shore of a beach thinking of who, what and why God was.  During the hours he sat contemplating these thoughts he was watching a child that was carrying a bucket back and forth between the water and a hole in the ground.  Each time the boy would fill the bucket with water run back to the hole he had previously dug on the beach and pour the water into the hole. 

After several hours St. Augustin decided he wanted to see what the boy was doing.  He rose, brushed off the sand and approached the boy as he agian emptied his bucket of sea water into the hole. 

St. Augustin called out to the boy and asked, what are you doing?  The boy paused and said I am trying to put the water in the ocean into this hole.  St. Augustin, who not only was religious but had been formally educated said.

“Boy this is madness, you will never put the ocean into that hole, in fact each time you pour your water in, it just goes right back into the ocean.”

With this the boy paused and said “if I cannot put the ocean into this hole what makes you think you can put God into your mind.”  According to the legend at that time St. Augustin understood he had no way of understanding God for he had no frame of reference.

Now, both sides of the argument, magic versus science are composed of people. As we know people come in all shapes, sizes and with personal opinions and preconceived notions.  St. Augustin for example was a Catholic so he assumed the boy to be Christ for that was his frame of reference.  He came to his conclusions using his preconceived notions of who represented God but was he any more wrong in his conclusion than the scientist that says heaven is not above in the clouds and hell is not at the center of the earth?

So in conclusion all science attempts to do is explain, using the only tools we have, our senses.  In fact many scientists willingly refer to a universal architect.   Science explains what the creator has done, it never disproves its existance only seeks its mechanics and understands that we don’t know what it, who or why it is.

Worship at will what you may but don’t enforce your comfort zone on others for usually its much less comforting for them.