Lost in temptation


One of the strongest drivers of civilization has been set and never before has this been more evident than today. Although the ancient cultures knew how to party all too well, it was not a global party as it is today.

Most people fear this is a destroyer of morality and leads to the eventual decay of civilizations. Unfortunately we don’t have the hind sight of experience to know if this actually true. Our history tells us that both the savages and the “civilized” both were focused on sex.  In fact it can be first if not a top reason for the creation of civilization and many a war.

Some wars were fought for sex (women) and in all the wars after money, sex was considered the carrot that could move armies. In fact the more repressive a society the greater the sex crimes and exploitations.

It’s power of control is legendary. Pillow talk has shaped many political landscapes and destroyed many careers

The more wealth is accumulated generally the greater the level of promiscuity.

So now one of the major religions, Catholicism is likely to allow priest to marry. This is one way the church hopes to maintain its clergy as well as combat sexual frustrations that have come close to destroying it’s power.

Sex like food is a human drive. We have perfected the global food engine in most advanced countries and that’s led to weight and health issues. Like food the industrialization of sex has brought it’s problems but open sexuality seems to lead to reduced repression and exploitation.

Open sexuality gives back control to its participates and limits segregation. It’s seems that our individual forces to want sex can combine to a change what many fear and others want. The fear is largely because they live in rules and houses built by the past and it’s difficult to self assess you may be incorrect and may be incorrect for years. As we progress soon this fear will be lost in temptation.