Tune in, drop out


Tune in drop out was the slogan of sixties “hipee” counterculture.  Loosely interpreted it meant, you have the choice to alter your present from the past and forge a new reality for yourself, well maybe, without even knowing it, they were on to something…

Consider having the ability to restructure the atomic structures around you in any order and you could know the order of any point in time and space in the past then you can restructure any set of Atoms to structurly simulate any moment in time to exact perfection.

Now if manipulating the fabric of the universe is a bit far fetched, what about harnessing it, using it?

For example although our experience of music is a networking of varying influences and chemical processes. Could the combination of thoughts and mood altering chemical effect of music be a manifestation bubbling up as the result of changes at the atomic level?

How the theory works.

Equation to express the infinite states of vibratory frequencies
F=(M)(v*pi) {this represents very to the power of infinite pi}

F= Frequency which expresses the observers view of present state.
M=Matter at the simple subatomic form currently expressed as the bozs.
V=Vibratory state
pi=a infinite series mathematical expressions of state


Principle 1- Every subatomic particle is free to sit at any state at any time.  It’s catalyst for change is through energy exchange of any kind. Energy exchange is understood to be another for of vibratory frequency exchange l depleating and increasing the level of vibratory intensity across a pair of subatomic particle/waves in an ever spreading and intensity decreasing wace.

Principle 2- A subatomic vibratory state aligned universally defines the observers present reality.

Principle 3 – temporal entropy can be observed as a series of never ending unique “fingerprint” vibratory states.

Principle 4 – A subatomic particle exists in all vibratory states simultaneously permanently.

In short by altering frequency we are actually initiating the force for the tuning of a new parallel universe that has always existed. the reason why it’s always existed is that any point in time and space can be replicated by arranging the appropriate atom
composition and vibratory frequency.  These arrangements arrangement splinter and fork with the introduction of energy.   Living things manifest such force commonly in any activity and motion.

Peace man, a very little tiny subatomic peace…




When we are born in the west we are an age of zero but in China and most of Asia we are 9 months (if full term) and our first birthday is celebrate on the 3 month from birth.  It’s makes sense since are are actually born at conception.   Or are we?  This is another debate for there is a difference between years of life and consciousness.   We will not leave this for another chapter.

So what is you age.  Already if you were born in the west you are 9 months younger so the Chinese method is not welcomed by most.

Now let’s go back.

As a child you may remember the wonder and magic of all.  As you aged you learned that most events are predictable.   This ended much of the mystery.  

Later you learned that age meant privilege.   You can vote, you can drive, you can drink and eventually have sex.  All the taboos were gone and age was breaking all your chains of childhood.

Then you again gained in wisdom and it was rewarded financially.  You got to be the boss.  Your friends were the boss too.  This came with the knowledge of death.

Those before you retired or died.

At first it was a blessing for you inherited the earth.  Then it became a mirror for you inherit their fate.

Your hair began to recede.

Your stomach fell

Your muscles hurt

You began to feel as a runner that knew his run was at its peak and forward was a decent.

You grew impatient

You grew worried

You began to wonder if risk was personal

You grew aged

The new hires at first reminded you of yourself

Later they reminded you of those you replaced

You wondered from admiration to fear

You stopped new ideas for they threaten your past accomplishments.

This was when you failed.

It’s not about guarding the past it’s about providing it’s lessons.

The new hires are better, they should be they are a product of the world you built.

You showed them way information was key,  why restrictions where stifling.   You are not their barrier you were and are their enabler.

Embrace the future for its a freight train barreling down at you.  Jump on or it will run you over.

Age is the gift of survival

Age is the gift of plenty

Age is a gift that few have

If you sit alone for all your friends are gone.  You just need new friends.

If your new friends don’t get you, you don’t get them

If you think age is an enemy then life was a villan

Stay facing forward, don’t look back for your next step is in tomorrow and your last is a tale.

You are fortunate to have the gift of age ask a parent of dead child.

Age is the ultimate accomplishment relish in it for you are the few,  you are the rare, you are the aged.

A special day


Our lives seem driven by forces and choices we made and therefore we prepare each next step in response.  We make sure each step mitigate a past mistake making the proper turns to redirect our path to our original path. 

When we make a mistake we struggle to correct it. 

We invent 12 step programs that focus on making things right because we are powerless.

We find the girl or guy that seems most like the one we lost.

We work on an education that will change a decade old path to be most like what we thought was a good idea at 20.

We reminisce the days of past glories and base our image of present success on what once was. 

We attempt to connect to our youth through the tales of achievements and abilities that are physical youth rather than our ability to survive in a world at odds with our existence.

We lose sight of tomorrow’s opportunities for solutions of our past

We seek the past love in the face of our current love

We forget that the future is ours for the molding.

We wait for that special day when we can prove what we know

We wait for that special day when we are recognized for what we’ve achieved

We yearn for the special day when we can feel as before

We live in a special day in our past

Today is your special day

Today you have to ability to trade the pain of yearning for what has passed to what is ahead.

You are alive

You are smarter

You are wiser

You are older and thank god for this proves that today is that first special day that will define the rest of your life

Today is that special day that will make you existence and behavior be what you want

No more looking back for if you don’t stare ahead you will never see the true obstacles that stand in your way.

You been waiting for that special day

It’s been here every day waiting for you.

The new year


So its a new year, is it really a time for change.  You live on a man made calendar change is enabled when you feel the need.  Humans work on predictability.   We like the calendar, it tells us when we have an unequaled opportunity for change, but is it really.  I agree use what works. If you are drawn to ridiculous forms of time measurements, then knock yourself out, but know it’s an illusion.

You allow the weight gain over days where festive occasions occur.  Then you shame yourself to react.  So what’s my message stay the course it’s your life.  No one will live it for you,  being your current t weight is a choice, one you are fortunate to make.

People throughout history died because nourishment was lacking.  You are a forntuate heir to our unified success.  We built this model to allow you choice.  The shame of weight is the most new of all athropological science.  Never before was in history were we concerned with too much.

You made it, yes there are reasons why we need to control intake.  But honestly are we to be praised or penalized?

Stop and reward yourself, we are at the top and by the way there is no guarantee we will maintain this position.

We forget we are just another animal.

Yes we differ, in our ability  to communicate or so we think.

Read this and know that on earth you have an infrastructure that allows communication beyond any othe kind in nature.  That’s an accomplishment, but don’t confuse ability and ingenuity with intelligence.  We also invented the pet rock…

Stay the course and allow yourself to become human for the task is to l experience life not to live longer..  Quality will always surpass length.  If you are in doubt, speak to those on death row or animals maintained for science or food. Please killed me is a common theme among them.

We share this time and it’s brief for we have only dominated nature for a few thousand years. It will come roaring back. So for now enjoy the ride and know that excess is a fleeting privilege that should not he wasted.


100 billion perspectives


The nobility of perspective commonly equals the satisfaction self perception.   There is no better time for commitment than a moment of weakness. When we over indulge the restrictions of constraints seems so simple. 

When we sit in a cocoon of protection our sense of control is endless.  How in control or protected we truly are is a personal reality without consequence to grandiose social righteousness concepts.

It’s simple to sit and express nobility with a keyboard at hand rather than sit alone in a damp ditch and ponder your nearing mortality.  

I find myself wondering what would the blog of the destitute read like.  Would they speak of truth justice and the American way? 

You won’t find a more dedicated believer in the American way than your writer, yet I can’t help but imagine the perspective of others that sit among the  ruins of their culture or at the end of a bullet discharged by a true believer of a merciless God.

The people we are inhabit one world.

All of our dreams, hopes, our music and aspirations have occurred over a blink of an eye within the first 10 feet off the surface of our world.  

Every thought, every dream, all our wars, all our deaths have occurred with this thin layer of dusty oxygen.

Recently we have reached for the stars.  Our race has ventured and touched the face of the ancient gods.  Today we know the god Saturn as a gas gaint, our sun as a star, our moon as a satellite.  

This new reality forces us to sit alone without magical protectors. 

In the past we empowered our nighttime visitors with the ability to protect.  others like comets brought messages from theses same protective Gods.

This gave us a personal connection to those things that just seemed outside our control.   We trembled as we saw the earth move, the wind blow, the heavens flood and needed a way to understand how we could control these.  Just 300 years ago most of the world thought that we could manage our environment by providing some level reverence to our magical protectors.   Then we found space was a vacuum and with this knowledge both the ether and our protectors began to evaporate. 

Today we walk in zero gravity, we will find that mars is dead but was alive.  We stare into the eye of milky way and see our loniness .  We designed our environments and reality around us.

We fear the angels and gods but will find  that beyond heaven there are souls on similar worlds. We see ourselves staring back.  We sit on the edge of discovery and find our fragileness. 

Our eyes have found star light that existed before we did.  Be proud we have achieved more than anything we have found.  The hubble has estimated at least 100 billion galaxies. 

We live in one galaxies with more than a billion suns.  Folks we are not alone bit sadly we are in delusional.  We have been in our room only to discover we live in Versailles.   What are the odds that all the rooms are empty.

We have the pleasure of making our God a great god don’t diminish his greatness.  Our perspective may be small but by god when our child.stares in our eyes do we see more. 

We are a part of that perapective.  Don’t push it off as a way a keeping it personal.  Our God is a God.  He (sorry he or.she) is all powerful.   She will love us.  She will forgive us.  Is there a god

Bad place to turn..


There must be but not as you are told.  Your god gave you a brain for sure.  The rest is made up .  If your brain  says bullshiit.  Then it is.   Trust God it’s who gave you the ability to differentiate already. ..

Everything around was decided by others no smarter than you


Everyday you wake to reality.

The work, bills, relations, illness, fears all based on a world that was created for you.  You step gently on the rules laid before you, you fear varying off the course for judgement will come.  We sit at night and most dreanlm of how they can find the cubby hole that has been made for them.  We fear the rejection and judgement for it brings isolation.  We lose sight that isolation is our norm.   We have a chance to live.

We can chose if its for others or for ourselves.

What was the last decision you made and how much was a dance between you and acceptance.   We find that may will judge freedom as not being or living in the “correct” path.  But have you taken the time to assess if the correctness is your measure or someone elses?

We walk a path that is easiest but will we really know happiness?

You find the word responsibility sprinkled like salt across the meal of life.  It gives a taste and flavor that society expects but can it satisfy or temporarily blot your soul.  It validates us to society for we show we will obey.  But what about true joy. .

As a child I knew joy.  It was experienced by sitting in sunlight.  The touch of another, the taste of sugar, the stare of a mother, the reassurance of a friendship and each had rules but very none came with conditions. 

As a young man I knew the warmst of a girl, the eternity of a partnership the security of health.

As a young man I knew the reassuance of knowledge, the joy of love, the pleasure of desire, the inspiration of the future and strenght of my body.

As a person entering the workforce I knew the expectations of endless opportunity,  the drury of work, the satisfaction of completion,  the sweat of effort and a sense of accomplishments.
As a parent I felt the weight of responsibility, the sense of selflessness,  the marvel of life and the fear of the future.

As a family man I learned to bend.  I accepted the rules of others.  I learned that tomorrow was a goal not a mission. I learned that someone cared enough to join me.

As a professional I am learned that the only true winner can be the owner otherwise he’d be an employee.

As an intelligent man I touched the child once again and cut my chains.  I realized the dream is not for children but for you and I.  Its time to seek yiur fate and seek the joy pf defining your next step.

Watch your back, store your knowledge and when least expected release the child for this is his or her life not the conformed one you have been molded into.

Its a series of decisions that make tomorrow seek the next in your heart not your mind.   The mind is designed to work out the hearts decisions…

The Thanksgiving Perspective


As Thanksgiving approachs we seem to lose sight of why we should be so thankful.  We have gifts that few have ever seen, yet it seems we spend our lives concerned with petty issues.  Our culture is consumed with feelings of entitlement that permeate all aspects of our lives.  We also forget that change is a constant and everything occurs in cycles.  When things seem they have hit rock bottom celebrate for things are about to improve.

Remember that at this very moment someone’s

AC stopped working
Their job does not let them go on the vacation you planned
The trip to their job site on Monday  means they will need to at the airport at 7am.
They did not get upgraded and missed their flight
Their taxes are higher than expected
They missed a cab
They missed an important call
During traffic a car ran across their lane
Their child didn’t win an award at school
Someone feels overweight and can’t stop over eating
Someone drinks too much and gets a DUI
Someone feels like they are getting older
Someone just lost their wallet or phone
Someone just lost a job
Someone just lost a friend
Someone loses a parent
Someone lost their family’s healthcare
Someone’s spouse has left them
A single mom stares at her sleeping children not knowing if they will eat tomorrow
Someone lost their home
Someone’s marriage failed
Someone can’t heat their home
Someone has moved thier family to a homeless shelter
Someone’s child is not doing well at school
Someone did not get the new job
Someone’s car broke and they can’t afford to fix it
Someone’s cable is cut
Someone lives in a small apartment
Someone’s homeless
Someone cries themselves to sleep
Someone won’t have Christmas
Someone will tell their children there is no Christmas for them
Someone’s beaten
Someone is raped
Someone’s child finds a lump
Someone finds a lump
Someone loses a child
Someone is killed
Someone is dying
Someone is starving
Someone is holding thier dying starving child
Someone is dying of starvation while holding their dead child

Next time you think your life and its daily problems are so bad, its truly a matter of perspective.  

We live our lives in a world we measure against the ideal. 

Give thanks for your weather, your economy and your health as it exists today for as little as a 100 years ago you probably would have a third of your experiences and lived half as long with less than 20 percent of the comforts you enjoy today.

The Pharoahs of Egypt lived in less comfort and half as long as you do today. 

In the end its about perspective and we’ve lost ours.

This holiday just remember you are thankful.   If you even are reading this you are wielding more power and wealth than 99 percent of humanity has had since it rose from the african plains to claim rule to this earth.

To those that feels the pressures of life and injustice of society are a burden, remember both the fight and joy of life is completely over in death. Everytime you have something that seems overwhelming its will end and with its end you will find joy. Don’t seek death as a solution for its the one overwhelming thing that will not be fixed and forgotten. Death is frieght train barreling down on you, it comes for free there’s no sense seeking it.  Wait for the end to surprise you for in between you will also be surprised to find joy agian. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday and for those that think Thanksgivings is a holiday for Americans, its not… we should all thank our lucky stars we are alive tonight for most are not.