Who’s will be done


What is it that we’d like to explore when making a decision, are we finding that most of our decisions are not made on facts; For example the expression “just go with your gut”, can only be uttered in the face of complete uncertainty or in defiance of facts.  It’s emphasis is based on and ultimately satisfying an emotional position.

This senseless factless force is what we see driving self servering groups draped with the blood of radical terrorism today.

If we start with making decisions based on facts like Ebola and starvation and not what someone says God said then we can really enact change.

Unfortunately it seems it’s easier to rape a people than lead them.

Use your brain, learn what is really driving those leading you. 

Use the only tool god gave you to see through everyone’s agenda. 

Find your role in their agenda and reflect

Then make fact based decisions.

Seriously if you don’t use your mind to learn and see through others opinions disguised as facts, you are condemned to living someone else’s dream or nightmare.

Have a nice life, whoever it may belong to.


Tune in, drop out


Tune in drop out was the slogan of sixties “hipee” counterculture.  Loosely interpreted it meant, you have the choice to alter your present from the past and forge a new reality for yourself, well maybe, without even knowing it, they were on to something…

Consider having the ability to restructure the atomic structures around you in any order and you could know the order of any point in time and space in the past then you can restructure any set of Atoms to structurly simulate any moment in time to exact perfection.

Now if manipulating the fabric of the universe is a bit far fetched, what about harnessing it, using it?

For example although our experience of music is a networking of varying influences and chemical processes. Could the combination of thoughts and mood altering chemical effect of music be a manifestation bubbling up as the result of changes at the atomic level?

How the theory works.

Equation to express the infinite states of vibratory frequencies
F=(M)(v*pi) {this represents very to the power of infinite pi}

F= Frequency which expresses the observers view of present state.
M=Matter at the simple subatomic form currently expressed as the bozs.
V=Vibratory state
pi=a infinite series mathematical expressions of state


Principle 1- Every subatomic particle is free to sit at any state at any time.  It’s catalyst for change is through energy exchange of any kind. Energy exchange is understood to be another for of vibratory frequency exchange l depleating and increasing the level of vibratory intensity across a pair of subatomic particle/waves in an ever spreading and intensity decreasing wace.

Principle 2- A subatomic vibratory state aligned universally defines the observers present reality.

Principle 3 – temporal entropy can be observed as a series of never ending unique “fingerprint” vibratory states.

Principle 4 – A subatomic particle exists in all vibratory states simultaneously permanently.

In short by altering frequency we are actually initiating the force for the tuning of a new parallel universe that has always existed. the reason why it’s always existed is that any point in time and space can be replicated by arranging the appropriate atom
composition and vibratory frequency.  These arrangements arrangement splinter and fork with the introduction of energy.   Living things manifest such force commonly in any activity and motion.

Peace man, a very little tiny subatomic peace…

The new year


So its a new year, is it really a time for change.  You live on a man made calendar change is enabled when you feel the need.  Humans work on predictability.   We like the calendar, it tells us when we have an unequaled opportunity for change, but is it really.  I agree use what works. If you are drawn to ridiculous forms of time measurements, then knock yourself out, but know it’s an illusion.

You allow the weight gain over days where festive occasions occur.  Then you shame yourself to react.  So what’s my message stay the course it’s your life.  No one will live it for you,  being your current t weight is a choice, one you are fortunate to make.

People throughout history died because nourishment was lacking.  You are a forntuate heir to our unified success.  We built this model to allow you choice.  The shame of weight is the most new of all athropological science.  Never before was in history were we concerned with too much.

You made it, yes there are reasons why we need to control intake.  But honestly are we to be praised or penalized?

Stop and reward yourself, we are at the top and by the way there is no guarantee we will maintain this position.

We forget we are just another animal.

Yes we differ, in our ability  to communicate or so we think.

Read this and know that on earth you have an infrastructure that allows communication beyond any othe kind in nature.  That’s an accomplishment, but don’t confuse ability and ingenuity with intelligence.  We also invented the pet rock…

Stay the course and allow yourself to become human for the task is to l experience life not to live longer..  Quality will always surpass length.  If you are in doubt, speak to those on death row or animals maintained for science or food. Please killed me is a common theme among them.

We share this time and it’s brief for we have only dominated nature for a few thousand years. It will come roaring back. So for now enjoy the ride and know that excess is a fleeting privilege that should not he wasted.


100 billion perspectives


The nobility of perspective commonly equals the satisfaction self perception.   There is no better time for commitment than a moment of weakness. When we over indulge the restrictions of constraints seems so simple. 

When we sit in a cocoon of protection our sense of control is endless.  How in control or protected we truly are is a personal reality without consequence to grandiose social righteousness concepts.

It’s simple to sit and express nobility with a keyboard at hand rather than sit alone in a damp ditch and ponder your nearing mortality.  

I find myself wondering what would the blog of the destitute read like.  Would they speak of truth justice and the American way? 

You won’t find a more dedicated believer in the American way than your writer, yet I can’t help but imagine the perspective of others that sit among the  ruins of their culture or at the end of a bullet discharged by a true believer of a merciless God.

The people we are inhabit one world.

All of our dreams, hopes, our music and aspirations have occurred over a blink of an eye within the first 10 feet off the surface of our world.  

Every thought, every dream, all our wars, all our deaths have occurred with this thin layer of dusty oxygen.

Recently we have reached for the stars.  Our race has ventured and touched the face of the ancient gods.  Today we know the god Saturn as a gas gaint, our sun as a star, our moon as a satellite.  

This new reality forces us to sit alone without magical protectors. 

In the past we empowered our nighttime visitors with the ability to protect.  others like comets brought messages from theses same protective Gods.

This gave us a personal connection to those things that just seemed outside our control.   We trembled as we saw the earth move, the wind blow, the heavens flood and needed a way to understand how we could control these.  Just 300 years ago most of the world thought that we could manage our environment by providing some level reverence to our magical protectors.   Then we found space was a vacuum and with this knowledge both the ether and our protectors began to evaporate. 

Today we walk in zero gravity, we will find that mars is dead but was alive.  We stare into the eye of milky way and see our loniness .  We designed our environments and reality around us.

We fear the angels and gods but will find  that beyond heaven there are souls on similar worlds. We see ourselves staring back.  We sit on the edge of discovery and find our fragileness. 

Our eyes have found star light that existed before we did.  Be proud we have achieved more than anything we have found.  The hubble has estimated at least 100 billion galaxies. 

We live in one galaxies with more than a billion suns.  Folks we are not alone bit sadly we are in delusional.  We have been in our room only to discover we live in Versailles.   What are the odds that all the rooms are empty.

We have the pleasure of making our God a great god don’t diminish his greatness.  Our perspective may be small but by god when our child.stares in our eyes do we see more. 

We are a part of that perapective.  Don’t push it off as a way a keeping it personal.  Our God is a God.  He (sorry he or.she) is all powerful.   She will love us.  She will forgive us.  Is there a god

Bad place to turn..


There must be but not as you are told.  Your god gave you a brain for sure.  The rest is made up .  If your brain  says bullshiit.  Then it is.   Trust God it’s who gave you the ability to differentiate already. ..

Do we really want to politically lose Christmas


As we near the end of each year the wind blows first with a crispness that soon you know will turn to a chill.  As you walk the city or town you are in you know its coming.  The leaves yellow as the sky gains a nostalgic grey tone.  The rain seems thinner, the home warmer and the spirit richer.

We are heading into our holiday season.

As tradition dictates we first have the harvest season and for some Holloween.  In the past this was the last chance to gather our crops and prepare for a more barren time. 

Today it means more pumpkin and cinnamon get added to our drinks and food.

Its a time where we begin to plan how lovers, families and friends will unite.  Familiar voices begin to frequent our conversations. 

We dress up and give candy to those  neighbors we rarely exchange
more than a wave. Its Holloween in America.

Our entertainment becomes seasonally focused with stories of triumph, love, faith and family.

We touch each other more gently. .

Then a northern wind reminds us that we should be thankful that we have the luxury of life.  The food banks get increased donations, we losen our collective belts and gather those we love for a meal.  As we sit in our warmed homes we know its getting brutal out there and take comfort that most are spared.  For just a century ago it was not the case.  Then as now for some was and is a time of struggle and life was in daily peril.   Today this is still the case but we have progressed and strive to decrease the population that still struggles, for some will die tonight as we sit and watch a parade, its Thanksgiving day in America.

The number of street lights continue to increase their hues sparkle as we tie our trees to the roofs of our cars.   The tradition was to bring an evergreen indoors to remember that winter would end.  As the season continued the tree also made for fuel that kept our homes warm. 

Today our trees are draped with memories,  traditional decorations and lights as the scent of pine becomes universal.

Stories of wonder and joy explode across our entertainment.   As children our eyes glaze at the wonder and beauty of the promise that love is supreme, life is a joy and eternity sits ahead a gilded golden path.  To some even god is joyful to the point of sending us his loving and forgiving son.

The places we frequent are adorned with garland, reindeers, angels and lights.  There’s a man that has lived forever guarding us agianst the darkness for he rides all night and sees all children and will be there forever.  Today as a child you can sit on his lap and take a photo with him. 

You hold your mother’s and father’s hand as you pass the reenacted scene of a a magical birth and a promise that we will always be loved.

We open the door of the oven to check as the door bell rings.  The uncles and dad insure the meal that may be getting cooked out doors is tended.  Jimmy stewarts runs through bedford falls.  The grinch gains a heart and linus recites scripture.

Its Christmas eve  in America

They rub they’re eyes as you hear the tiny footsteps fky across the floor.  As a child, its not even believable.   Before you a guilded tree dominates the room and acroos the floor gifts.  As you eyes pan across the scene they land on the half drunk glass of milk and cookie crumbles that remain as evidence that magic is real.

Its Christmas day in America.

Please don’t let it go, we’ve only been able to have this beautiful time for less than 100 years.  What will come in its place will be bland and grey.  It will smell of political rightous and ooze of distain.  Its not for everyone, but its ours they have no right to it. 

If they don’t like they can boycott it.  You know why they don’t?  

Because no one in their right mind boycotts it, see New York, Boston, Chicago, etc…  boys realize we nailed it!

We’ve created a beautiful holiday that is not exclusive for no one checks memberships, color, race or belief nor is it forced on them.  Just because ours is so cool your kids want it is not our fault.   Folks we have thousands of cable channels to switch from, don’t like one, change the channel we’ll be just fine.

An old man passes as we welcome the child and it’s a New Year in America

May you have a great holiday season, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

One man’s lie


The events in the city ask why.  you were led like
sheep to the faith of a dead man.  The morning air was like all others, you were a reason for fear suspended by it.  But the sound stopped your heart and you saw what you did, it hit you as the shock wave rippled.  But it was too late for as a child you stared at what you could not believe.  Others stared in fright from thier hidden and protected locations.  They saw an act of ignorance . You knew the truth.  A truth so vicious that you hid more from it than those searching that searched for you. You sit in a darkness of your soul and search for reason. A reason that never comes.  The act and its result have no impact except on your soul.   You struggle for comfirmation that is never coming.  Now you know the enemy stares from a mirror.   So in an act of desperation for reason, you find a vaccum of lies, but it’s too late.  The vaccum envelopes you.  All is lost.

They sit and wait for you to return as another door opens to the defenders of nothing but a dead man’s twisted dreams.  To arms the new ignorant exhales.   The teachers crouch as they search in these new, for you return with a new face, its you again.  

What they gain is another fool.  Rejoice in your accomplishment fool for they wait for you to come with all your faces. 

Your thoughts rush back as you walk and stare at the body of a child who rushed in his pride to see his father which now can never see his child. 

You have your 99 virgins which for eternity stay virgins, for your torture begins with them. 

Welcome to the face of your actions.   the cloud of darkness rise from the ground, the storm of tears nears and the echoing thunder is now sound you made of the cries of the victims.

You know child will never cease to wonder when his father will arrive. He holds out his hand and ask who would and why. Hold out your bloodied hand and wait for actors and contributors for eternity will wait for your reason why. ….
You struggle to free yourself but the monsters grip is as a vice, its your new self image that holds you. You are the artist of the lie you have painted for eternity. Go with your mirror and stare at what they made of god’s original creation. Now that you beg before him, he will forgive, for unlike the monster, man made he is not.

For now you know that a man’s lies can last an eternity, an eternity you will live. A lie that you forced on others. A lie that only you could stop or make. You are effective, but yet only as a man’s lie. Welcome to his nightmare, welcome to radicalism, find him for he sits on a bloodied throne that smolders on your flesh. Thank him for not letting you be alone as the next one arrives, the one who you see in the mirror. Its the monster, its your new face, the monster stares back. Its the same monster they see in thier mirror for the mirror holds a blood stained truth. The truth that you now have made for the sake of a another’s lie.

The gift


The systems of man we worship are created and promoted through the ages.  We are told that some human image sits and judges us with all our faults as its attributes.   We endow the creator of the universe with our human greed, envy, anger, ego and fears.  Our religions are the strongest force of control we have ever faced and the insitutions we create are focused on altering thier message as it serves to perserve thier power over us.  They shroud themselves in the convenient concept called faith and deem our greatest failure in our lack of faith.  This is a faith based on the belief of their message.  This faith is routinely challenged by our common sense and this common sense is attributed to a lack of faith. 

The truth is that our mind and ablilty to understand is the true gift of our true creator.  Regardless of faith or concept, our minds were given to us by it that created us.  Our minds serve as the only connection to whom ever you feel made you, for you were made somehow, someway, for you exist and you exist for what brings you joy, peace, love and purpose.  If someone tells you that they speak to god, know that only god can confirm it and unless your god persuades you then walk away, for this is not from it but from a man like you with one exception, they want power.

Even in the surely convoluted messages that may have been altered in the modern retelling of Christ, he says. 
“I am the son of god and you my brother.”  read into this…

I don’t push anyone ideal of mans religions nor feel that Catholicism nor Christianity  are the answer, but instead god’s gift to me has been that the message that Christ is under attack and the reason for this attack is just another of mans lies.  The Christ message is not about any religion its about freedom to think and have a personal god that guides from within our minds and not through our ears.  Think, just think, what did Christ say beyond we are all his equal.  This is why it persists, because whether Christ was real or whether a thought. The facts are that having a personal god is a very dangerous thing to those in power and needing control.   So was he or not, should we shroud his idea with what other men say.

You may ask that what is the difference if we learned this from other men. Well consider that since his story started hasn’t the most common goal been to erase and destory the message.  Think of how many ideas have been attacked like the idea of a lone poor messenger that only asked that you too have a personal relationship with your own definition of god.  It was too radical then and its too radical now.  This is the gift, our ability to think and make our own choice.  Use your mind and determine what this message gains beyond your freedom.  May you use the only gift you can count on your mind, and thank god, whatever god for it. 

Now to all my atheist friends, if your mind says there is no god, then trust your mind and delete this message for its from a man. Just remember it’s from a man without an agenda, besides your right to be free.

Use the only gift you can trust always and you will always know peace and it’s all we can truly strive for.