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The 12 days of POTUS 2017


On the first day of Potus the Donald gave to me, a great new American dream.


On the second day of Potus the Donald gave to me, two terms to hope for and great new American dream.


On the third day of Potus the Donald gave to me, quick ways to change things and great new American



On the fourth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, forced tax cuts coming and great new American



On the fifth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, at least five firings and great new American dream


On the sixth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, a supreme judge contending and great new American



On the seventh day of Potus the Donald gave to me, barring seven terrorist harboring countries and great new American  dream.

On the eighth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, end of open borders and great new American dream.


On the ninth  day of Potus the Donald gave to me, proof that he is fighting for me and great new American dream.


 On the tenth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, a ten for a first lady, and great new American dream.


On the eleventh day of Potus the Donald gave to me, a tweet that can tell what he’s thinking and great new American dream.


On the twelfth day of Potus the Donald gave to me, a quickly rising economy and a renewed faith in the American dream


The 12 days POTUS


On the twelfth day of Christmas, the POTUS sent to me;
Twelve sounds of bombs a-drumming,
Eleventh hour planning,
Ten times the spending,
Nine Justices arguing,
Eight banks a-milking,
Seven ways to shame me,
Six ways to fleece me,
Five Nobel Votes,
Four Crying Lands,
Three French Mess,
Two terms by luck,
Ahh… the promise that we’d save trees!

Isis, isil, or just plain stupid


The animals that call themselves isis are no different from any band of thugs.  OK so they yell allah.  Awesome! 

Here are the facts, isis was started by disenfranchised  Iraqi military fleeing our invasion and our ability to devastate their military. 

What is there goal,  Power not god !

First, folks no one talks to god!

No one talks to god, specially random gangs that are formed to gain power. 

Folks if there is a god do you think he is as weak as isis????

Do you think God cares the length of a beard, head coverings or even morality??

If you do, then shame on you for thinking that Your god is as weak as a man!

The latest is the destruction ancient ruins. Isis is destroying our heritage!!

As humans we have done amazing things and everyone of them has lessons of our heritage and can serve as lessons to our future. In the end it’s beautiful.

The best thing about what’s happening
is they are destroying all evidence of their heritage. The theory is its man’s and therefore not of value.

Seriously, that’s just plain stupid. Yes the scary isis guys are not just evil they are stupid.

Here’s the deal. If you are ignorant and, yes stupid, then you want to erase a past of glory and success because admitting that it’s OK, means that God granted them the same gifts. These gifts are architecture, art, culture, and the evolution of man towards increasing sophistication! It means man can do amazing things with the only gift from God, your brain.

OK so who knew? “everybody but you”, that’s who.

OK, I get it the desert sucks.. You live there.. you hate your life.. so screw the world!!!

OK I get it, so… Sorry you got the desert job, it’s just how shit rolls…

This is why we need to eradicate stupidity.

Oh yeah, we don’t want to kill you, although you want to kill us. What we want is peace. Why?

Ok, here it is.

We have nice malls
We have lots of toys
We have hot women (prefer non virgins)
We look good
We call out stupidity when we see it.
We actually like our lives so much, we want to keep living and hold off death as long as possible.

You guys want to get 99 or 79, whatever it’s more than zero(zero is what guys in isis get without counting rapes, sorry..)
You are hot all the time without AC, sorry you probably blew up the account unit?

You guys are so screwed up you think you talk to god, sorry he told us you don’t !

You guys have the talent of killing, sorry that’s too easy, come here and we’ll show you… ( sorry,, we already have a George..!)

Lastly the destruction of ancient legacy is another way we can use to show that you are so stupid your actions actually prove it..

Guys sorry to tell you but in the future we will never remember you.


Because creation is hard, destruction is easy… too easy that is why you are successful. Build something that lasts then talk to us. For now hang, stay in the desert, fuck up all your stuff and kill your people.

Oh yeah that’s stupid.. but you know that, right?

Trump for real?


Are people clamoring to Trump or are they just running into him as they recoil  from the rest?

I am amazed on how no one can understand  why Donald  Trump  is climbing the polls. 

It’s simple, he is telling you what he wants to do, what he believes in and is not afraid to explain why he has changed his mind over the years.  He sounds “real”.

The reason it works is due to the other candidates in ability to fall on their sword.  I know we have the conservatives and liberal extremists that fall on either side of the religious and social aspects of the spectrum and these guys take the plunge.  For example look at Marco Rubio.  He and others have taken the plunge on thier opinions on matters such as conception.  But none has taken such a hard line as trump on tough issues like immigration. 

I am an Immigrant and by the way unless you are of native American lineage so are you.  As an immigrant think we need to start from the premise that everyone that is illegal and has a criminal record should be sent back and otherwise the only exception will be based solely on your ability to financially self support.  No state or federal support can be granted and only citizens/legal residents are eligible for assistance of any kind.

Folks, leaders are those that take you by the hand and clear a path to the future.  Politicians and Community activist ask the crowd where they want to go and then get behind them.

We need a path for the herd not a bigger herd.

In all likelihood it’s not a Trump presidency we’ll be seeing, in fact it would be an interesting exercise of the electoral college exercise.  Would he even be elected if he wins a popular vote?  I say never..  Which is at the heart of the problem.

maybe he’s crazy.  What I know is we don’t need is another elected  official in America that is noncommittal.  The world is ugly it’s time we took our rose colored glasses off.  I have faith in America but sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes it’s time to make people accountable.  We can’t give our next president a “best participator” award.

Reality, virtual or not it’s here


Listening to the media, just about anyone considered to be in the “know” or technology  field believe we are on the verge of what is being called virtual reality  or augmented reality.    Examples litter the media like Kick starter funded Occulus  Rift, Google’s  Glass and the greatly anticipated Microsoft ‘s Hollow Lens.

Although the approaches  vary on resulting objective is immersion through  visual  and audio stimulation.   The earlier versions like Occulus the solution consists of a helmet type device with internal  visual displays.  This display is synchronized  to center and move the point of view of the user as he moves.  This is likely to be the one most of you have seen or used in the past.  The newer versions  use a type of reading glasses which can provide a view of the actual world but allows 3d images, text and or pictures  to be inserted and shown as if they were occupying  actual space in the environment around  you.

Now let’s consider what is actually  happening.  This technology is advancing daily, sending data in the form images directly to the optic nerve is now allowing the  previously  blind to see light, colors and images.

This technology is starting the journgy of reaching into our minds.  When this reach will fully occurs we can put things

Our thoughts of industrial technical medical advancement  is becoming obsolete when we think of reality enhancement.  No longer are gears, oil and wires part of an evasive  enhancement process, now you slip a pair of glasses on you are walking  on Mars  .  Today we can use nanoelectronics to “hack” evolution using DNA. The terms bionic and biomechanical are old school and quickly being eclipsed by what is more a kin  to bioengineering.

It seems like we may be trying to play god.  Although testing can reduce the number of predictable consequences not all can be predicted and therefore there will be risks.  The fear must be met as all others we have collectively faced since we walked out of the oceans.   Today we have a magical future ahead for magic is what future science would look like to us.  The promise of hacking reality is to buold an earthly heaven and will result in eternal life for the mind.  But this is only be possible to those who can fight the greatest fear of all.  The fear of being solely responsible  for our own actions and mistakes.  We stand on the shoulders of fearless giants whose have pushed us from an average life of 30 years and 30 square miles to virtually an average life past 80 and with a world at our reach.

In fact on further analysis you will find that you have always been living in virtual reality.  The devices are of made up gods wiring and were handed  to us at birth and we also have a responsibility to maturing these.

Among these tools we are armed with the one tool that’s really special.  It works like a key to seemly impenetrable  doors. It’s our brain.

It’s was the key given to us to experience  the tree falling in the woods, sunrises and other worlds.  It’s there where the gift of immortality virtually lies in wait for each of us to find.

It virtually a reality we are writing, keep writing….

Who’s will be done


What is it that we’d like to explore when making a decision, are we finding that most of our decisions are not made on facts; For example the expression “just go with your gut”, can only be uttered in the face of complete uncertainty or in defiance of facts.  It’s emphasis is based on and ultimately satisfying an emotional position.

This senseless factless force is what we see driving self servering groups draped with the blood of radical terrorism today.

If we start with making decisions based on facts like Ebola and starvation and not what someone says God said then we can really enact change.

Unfortunately it seems it’s easier to rape a people than lead them.

Use your brain, learn what is really driving those leading you. 

Use the only tool god gave you to see through everyone’s agenda. 

Find your role in their agenda and reflect

Then make fact based decisions.

Seriously if you don’t use your mind to learn and see through others opinions disguised as facts, you are condemned to living someone else’s dream or nightmare.

Have a nice life, whoever it may belong to.