Isis, isil, or just plain stupid


The animals that call themselves isis are no different from any band of thugs.  OK so they yell allah.  Awesome! 

Here are the facts, isis was started by disenfranchised  Iraqi military fleeing our invasion and our ability to devastate their military. 

What is there goal,  Power not god !

First, folks no one talks to god!

No one talks to god, specially random gangs that are formed to gain power. 

Folks if there is a god do you think he is as weak as isis????

Do you think God cares the length of a beard, head coverings or even morality??

If you do, then shame on you for thinking that Your god is as weak as a man!

The latest is the destruction ancient ruins. Isis is destroying our heritage!!

As humans we have done amazing things and everyone of them has lessons of our heritage and can serve as lessons to our future. In the end it’s beautiful.

The best thing about what’s happening
is they are destroying all evidence of their heritage. The theory is its man’s and therefore not of value.

Seriously, that’s just plain stupid. Yes the scary isis guys are not just evil they are stupid.

Here’s the deal. If you are ignorant and, yes stupid, then you want to erase a past of glory and success because admitting that it’s OK, means that God granted them the same gifts. These gifts are architecture, art, culture, and the evolution of man towards increasing sophistication! It means man can do amazing things with the only gift from God, your brain.

OK so who knew? “everybody but you”, that’s who.

OK, I get it the desert sucks.. You live there.. you hate your life.. so screw the world!!!

OK I get it, so… Sorry you got the desert job, it’s just how shit rolls…

This is why we need to eradicate stupidity.

Oh yeah, we don’t want to kill you, although you want to kill us. What we want is peace. Why?

Ok, here it is.

We have nice malls
We have lots of toys
We have hot women (prefer non virgins)
We look good
We call out stupidity when we see it.
We actually like our lives so much, we want to keep living and hold off death as long as possible.

You guys want to get 99 or 79, whatever it’s more than zero(zero is what guys in isis get without counting rapes, sorry..)
You are hot all the time without AC, sorry you probably blew up the account unit?

You guys are so screwed up you think you talk to god, sorry he told us you don’t !

You guys have the talent of killing, sorry that’s too easy, come here and we’ll show you… ( sorry,, we already have a George..!)

Lastly the destruction of ancient legacy is another way we can use to show that you are so stupid your actions actually prove it..

Guys sorry to tell you but in the future we will never remember you.


Because creation is hard, destruction is easy… too easy that is why you are successful. Build something that lasts then talk to us. For now hang, stay in the desert, fuck up all your stuff and kill your people.

Oh yeah that’s stupid.. but you know that, right?


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