Trump for real?


Are people clamoring to Trump or are they just running into him as they recoil  from the rest?

I am amazed on how no one can understand  why Donald  Trump  is climbing the polls. 

It’s simple, he is telling you what he wants to do, what he believes in and is not afraid to explain why he has changed his mind over the years.  He sounds “real”.

The reason it works is due to the other candidates in ability to fall on their sword.  I know we have the conservatives and liberal extremists that fall on either side of the religious and social aspects of the spectrum and these guys take the plunge.  For example look at Marco Rubio.  He and others have taken the plunge on thier opinions on matters such as conception.  But none has taken such a hard line as trump on tough issues like immigration. 

I am an Immigrant and by the way unless you are of native American lineage so are you.  As an immigrant think we need to start from the premise that everyone that is illegal and has a criminal record should be sent back and otherwise the only exception will be based solely on your ability to financially self support.  No state or federal support can be granted and only citizens/legal residents are eligible for assistance of any kind.

Folks, leaders are those that take you by the hand and clear a path to the future.  Politicians and Community activist ask the crowd where they want to go and then get behind them.

We need a path for the herd not a bigger herd.

In all likelihood it’s not a Trump presidency we’ll be seeing, in fact it would be an interesting exercise of the electoral college exercise.  Would he even be elected if he wins a popular vote?  I say never..  Which is at the heart of the problem.

maybe he’s crazy.  What I know is we don’t need is another elected  official in America that is noncommittal.  The world is ugly it’s time we took our rose colored glasses off.  I have faith in America but sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes it’s time to make people accountable.  We can’t give our next president a “best participator” award.


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