Reality, virtual or not it’s here


Listening to the media, just about anyone considered to be in the “know” or technology  field believe we are on the verge of what is being called virtual reality  or augmented reality.    Examples litter the media like Kick starter funded Occulus  Rift, Google’s  Glass and the greatly anticipated Microsoft ‘s Hollow Lens.

Although the approaches  vary on resulting objective is immersion through  visual  and audio stimulation.   The earlier versions like Occulus the solution consists of a helmet type device with internal  visual displays.  This display is synchronized  to center and move the point of view of the user as he moves.  This is likely to be the one most of you have seen or used in the past.  The newer versions  use a type of reading glasses which can provide a view of the actual world but allows 3d images, text and or pictures  to be inserted and shown as if they were occupying  actual space in the environment around  you.

Now let’s consider what is actually  happening.  This technology is advancing daily, sending data in the form images directly to the optic nerve is now allowing the  previously  blind to see light, colors and images.

This technology is starting the journgy of reaching into our minds.  When this reach will fully occurs we can put things

Our thoughts of industrial technical medical advancement  is becoming obsolete when we think of reality enhancement.  No longer are gears, oil and wires part of an evasive  enhancement process, now you slip a pair of glasses on you are walking  on Mars  .  Today we can use nanoelectronics to “hack” evolution using DNA. The terms bionic and biomechanical are old school and quickly being eclipsed by what is more a kin  to bioengineering.

It seems like we may be trying to play god.  Although testing can reduce the number of predictable consequences not all can be predicted and therefore there will be risks.  The fear must be met as all others we have collectively faced since we walked out of the oceans.   Today we have a magical future ahead for magic is what future science would look like to us.  The promise of hacking reality is to buold an earthly heaven and will result in eternal life for the mind.  But this is only be possible to those who can fight the greatest fear of all.  The fear of being solely responsible  for our own actions and mistakes.  We stand on the shoulders of fearless giants whose have pushed us from an average life of 30 years and 30 square miles to virtually an average life past 80 and with a world at our reach.

In fact on further analysis you will find that you have always been living in virtual reality.  The devices are of made up gods wiring and were handed  to us at birth and we also have a responsibility to maturing these.

Among these tools we are armed with the one tool that’s really special.  It works like a key to seemly impenetrable  doors. It’s our brain.

It’s was the key given to us to experience  the tree falling in the woods, sunrises and other worlds.  It’s there where the gift of immortality virtually lies in wait for each of us to find.

It virtually a reality we are writing, keep writing….