Integration is at the heart of being human


What type of integration am I referring to?

Well which came forth first in your mind.  For me it was the thought of complex algorithms that interweave varying systems as one seamless personal experience.  

The next can vary from wealth, power and might to race, religion and nature.  The fact is integration where we live.

This will deal with the integration at a particle physics/universal scale.

Our motion through time and space meet the friction of other forms in motion.  The cascading events triggered create the passage of time therefore time is but a measure of integrations. 

For example. As we lift from a chair the vacuum created as we lift off a chair disrupts the surrounding area.  As we rise the very air pushes back increasing our latency of motion ever so slightly and beyond our ability to perceive it, but it’s there.  Millions of atoms are colliding as your compressed version of atoms brushes them aside.   Our body’s displacement of the air may push a scent to a stream of air molecules.  The stream will land the scent on the receptors of a nearby searching insect, whose scent initiated pause is watched by a swooping bird that picks up and swallows the insect as the scent settles from its journey.

Now consider where integration may not exist and you’ll find it’s everywhere.

Everything is integrated because everything is fundamentally made of the elusive god particle.  So if everything is made of a God particle then everything is touching.  Then integration is all.  If varying states of integration define time then time can be modeled.

Integrating the states of particles in any arrangenent or pattern can create any given point in time without variance from the original and in fact questions the state of origin.

How’s that for integration.


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