A special day


Our lives seem driven by forces and choices we made and therefore we prepare each next step in response.  We make sure each step mitigate a past mistake making the proper turns to redirect our path to our original path. 

When we make a mistake we struggle to correct it. 

We invent 12 step programs that focus on making things right because we are powerless.

We find the girl or guy that seems most like the one we lost.

We work on an education that will change a decade old path to be most like what we thought was a good idea at 20.

We reminisce the days of past glories and base our image of present success on what once was. 

We attempt to connect to our youth through the tales of achievements and abilities that are physical youth rather than our ability to survive in a world at odds with our existence.

We lose sight of tomorrow’s opportunities for solutions of our past

We seek the past love in the face of our current love

We forget that the future is ours for the molding.

We wait for that special day when we can prove what we know

We wait for that special day when we are recognized for what we’ve achieved

We yearn for the special day when we can feel as before

We live in a special day in our past

Today is your special day

Today you have to ability to trade the pain of yearning for what has passed to what is ahead.

You are alive

You are smarter

You are wiser

You are older and thank god for this proves that today is that first special day that will define the rest of your life

Today is that special day that will make you existence and behavior be what you want

No more looking back for if you don’t stare ahead you will never see the true obstacles that stand in your way.

You been waiting for that special day

It’s been here every day waiting for you.


The new year


So its a new year, is it really a time for change.  You live on a man made calendar change is enabled when you feel the need.  Humans work on predictability.   We like the calendar, it tells us when we have an unequaled opportunity for change, but is it really.  I agree use what works. If you are drawn to ridiculous forms of time measurements, then knock yourself out, but know it’s an illusion.

You allow the weight gain over days where festive occasions occur.  Then you shame yourself to react.  So what’s my message stay the course it’s your life.  No one will live it for you,  being your current t weight is a choice, one you are fortunate to make.

People throughout history died because nourishment was lacking.  You are a forntuate heir to our unified success.  We built this model to allow you choice.  The shame of weight is the most new of all athropological science.  Never before was in history were we concerned with too much.

You made it, yes there are reasons why we need to control intake.  But honestly are we to be praised or penalized?

Stop and reward yourself, we are at the top and by the way there is no guarantee we will maintain this position.

We forget we are just another animal.

Yes we differ, in our ability  to communicate or so we think.

Read this and know that on earth you have an infrastructure that allows communication beyond any othe kind in nature.  That’s an accomplishment, but don’t confuse ability and ingenuity with intelligence.  We also invented the pet rock…

Stay the course and allow yourself to become human for the task is to l experience life not to live longer..  Quality will always surpass length.  If you are in doubt, speak to those on death row or animals maintained for science or food. Please killed me is a common theme among them.

We share this time and it’s brief for we have only dominated nature for a few thousand years. It will come roaring back. So for now enjoy the ride and know that excess is a fleeting privilege that should not he wasted.