Might as well like yourself you will spend lots of time being that


The title of this blog comes from a film called the nutty professor, I know this weird but it has meaning. It’s also the original not the Eddie Murphy.   It’s a comedy that was recently done by Eddie Murphy but had a true underlying messages.

We live as someone

Our individual someone is made from what feel we want to project.  At times some catalyst that interrupts our message becomes a filter.  The most common can be alcohol.

It arrives as a warm blanket on a cold evening.  No interpretation,  no comprehensive measures can lend reason to its influence.

When first encountered it’s the simplest of choices.   So after its audience becomes adored and measure of constraint lost.

It seems simple.

It’s allure is passionate.

Its Impact Is Profound.

The most logical facet comes from the observer to its active participants.

Most times the active “drunk” has no motive but a goal.  Get to the point of feelin good.

The observer maintains the perception of what is going on and how can this be appropriate.

This is the great divide between the characters.

No one drunk, is concerned on perception the next the enjoyment of the event.

No observer can have the enjoyment of the event, but instead appreciates the consequences.

Yes the husband or wife you love may be drunk but the questioning and stigmatized behavior can lead to heated debate.

Facts are that most high level roles require social interaction and that most events involve liquor.

Yes we can pretend but facts are for facts. 

Its seems for the mkst part more an executive is managing a staff the more they manage liquor.

Are all drinking? No.

But what happens when they drinks.

Here is an example of the turn of even

The individual arrives.

They seem inebriated this can be a real drunk to the “I hate they drink so any drink is deunk” concept.

They arrive usually tired

They are seemly arriving from travel or long days of work.

They have just departed a team that has worked 10-12 hours a day.

The first question is “are you drunk”

The first answer is no, but have been drinking.  This occurs for the first year.

The response is a series of acquisitions that normally may seems right.

Here are some reasons for when they are wrong

The Traveler …

If an affair was to be had it happened before the departure.   What Is The Point of this acquisition on a plane or events on the plane

If they did not love you the cost of divorce is minimal for most travelers can easily recoup this loss.

They are not lonely for most travelers are over whelmed with communications.

They can cheat and hide it.  Its Not Hard When 50+ Percent Is on the road.

So why do they fight

Most not drinking are testing the response of the “drinking partner” to see if there are gaps.  Of course there are gaps they are drunk or at least not worried about an inquisition??

The non – traveling partner thinks it’s a party without them.  No its not we are just really tired.

The non traveling partner feels like they have no control.  WRONG….  they are in complete control for your partner loves and wants to be with you.

So what happens when you feel they are not in control.   Don’t fight them or force a justification.   They are just happy to be home and most reactions are because they can’t believe they have to endure the attacks for just beginning happy to be back. 

Remember they really love you and it’s hard to be away.  Relaxing may seem as partying but it’s not.

Also of you are afraid they will leave they are already gone you just don’t know it.

Love yourself and then the rest for without the core you will implode.


100 billion perspectives


The nobility of perspective commonly equals the satisfaction self perception.   There is no better time for commitment than a moment of weakness. When we over indulge the restrictions of constraints seems so simple. 

When we sit in a cocoon of protection our sense of control is endless.  How in control or protected we truly are is a personal reality without consequence to grandiose social righteousness concepts.

It’s simple to sit and express nobility with a keyboard at hand rather than sit alone in a damp ditch and ponder your nearing mortality.  

I find myself wondering what would the blog of the destitute read like.  Would they speak of truth justice and the American way? 

You won’t find a more dedicated believer in the American way than your writer, yet I can’t help but imagine the perspective of others that sit among the  ruins of their culture or at the end of a bullet discharged by a true believer of a merciless God.

The people we are inhabit one world.

All of our dreams, hopes, our music and aspirations have occurred over a blink of an eye within the first 10 feet off the surface of our world.  

Every thought, every dream, all our wars, all our deaths have occurred with this thin layer of dusty oxygen.

Recently we have reached for the stars.  Our race has ventured and touched the face of the ancient gods.  Today we know the god Saturn as a gas gaint, our sun as a star, our moon as a satellite.  

This new reality forces us to sit alone without magical protectors. 

In the past we empowered our nighttime visitors with the ability to protect.  others like comets brought messages from theses same protective Gods.

This gave us a personal connection to those things that just seemed outside our control.   We trembled as we saw the earth move, the wind blow, the heavens flood and needed a way to understand how we could control these.  Just 300 years ago most of the world thought that we could manage our environment by providing some level reverence to our magical protectors.   Then we found space was a vacuum and with this knowledge both the ether and our protectors began to evaporate. 

Today we walk in zero gravity, we will find that mars is dead but was alive.  We stare into the eye of milky way and see our loniness .  We designed our environments and reality around us.

We fear the angels and gods but will find  that beyond heaven there are souls on similar worlds. We see ourselves staring back.  We sit on the edge of discovery and find our fragileness. 

Our eyes have found star light that existed before we did.  Be proud we have achieved more than anything we have found.  The hubble has estimated at least 100 billion galaxies. 

We live in one galaxies with more than a billion suns.  Folks we are not alone bit sadly we are in delusional.  We have been in our room only to discover we live in Versailles.   What are the odds that all the rooms are empty.

We have the pleasure of making our God a great god don’t diminish his greatness.  Our perspective may be small but by god when our child.stares in our eyes do we see more. 

We are a part of that perapective.  Don’t push it off as a way a keeping it personal.  Our God is a God.  He (sorry he or.she) is all powerful.   She will love us.  She will forgive us.  Is there a god

Bad place to turn..


There must be but not as you are told.  Your god gave you a brain for sure.  The rest is made up .  If your brain  says bullshiit.  Then it is.   Trust God it’s who gave you the ability to differentiate already. ..

He’s perfect now let me change him


This is not just him or her it works for both but makes a silly title.  Lets start by asking why we the broken ones promise.  I use this term broken losely for as far as we feel there is not wrong, which incidently is at the heart of the issue.

The promise is the worst.

We make them.

We break them.

We hate ourselves much more than those we promise.

Why is it we make promises we seem to fail at?

At the heart of the matter is that other sometimes strive for us to be more than we can offer.

We want to please and serve but our nature is not able to be changed.

Its funny the crazy sexy girl is what we loved then they are to be a prim and proper wife.  Funny soon after it seems you are cheating with another crazy sexy girl…

The guy that took no shit and was a man that protected his turf is asked to scale it down and suddenly the single weight lifting neighbor seems so sexy.

Face it we want the first but then we change them to be what no one else will want.  Its your insecurity that is doing this.  They were perfect and the exciting  versions will always be what you will seek.

Love who you marry don’t change them and if you can’t keep them they were never really yours.

If you are the changed, there was nothing wrong before.   Its your I life they want to change and they are in it because of who you were not what you will be.

Fight the fear pf loniness its fleeting and short.  Too many humans out there are needing someone like you, just be you and it’s like gravity they can’t seem to help themselves be drawn to you.

Now thier perfect, don’t change them either for thats who you love.

Sometime in summertime


There are things we miss and those we relinquish in anguish.   They are not the wrong or right decision.   you know it’s real when you can’t breath. When its so deep its beyond the sorrow. 

They are reflections of who you really are in comparison the rest seem to be just an echo. The decisions made along the path of life are carried internally, they lurk so deep they may seem invisible but they haunt our every seconds.

The way we connect the past to emotion is always immediate but passive. A song comes on the radio and you are thrust back to some past moment in time always related to some who touched you. We don’t forget the way we felt. The warmth of thier touch seems to envelop you with every sound until it fades leaving with the kiss of nostalgia and melancholy.

Moments that will never be forgotten in the end these are those that define us.  Embrace the fact you had this moment and remember for it was not truly them but it’s how you saw them.  It may not seem possible but you can do I it again.  You are fortunate to have experienced this but even more fortunate that many more lay ahead. The greatness of the past is it proves that you have had such moments and that you have potential to have them again.

Everything around was decided by others no smarter than you


Everyday you wake to reality.

The work, bills, relations, illness, fears all based on a world that was created for you.  You step gently on the rules laid before you, you fear varying off the course for judgement will come.  We sit at night and most dreanlm of how they can find the cubby hole that has been made for them.  We fear the rejection and judgement for it brings isolation.  We lose sight that isolation is our norm.   We have a chance to live.

We can chose if its for others or for ourselves.

What was the last decision you made and how much was a dance between you and acceptance.   We find that may will judge freedom as not being or living in the “correct” path.  But have you taken the time to assess if the correctness is your measure or someone elses?

We walk a path that is easiest but will we really know happiness?

You find the word responsibility sprinkled like salt across the meal of life.  It gives a taste and flavor that society expects but can it satisfy or temporarily blot your soul.  It validates us to society for we show we will obey.  But what about true joy. .

As a child I knew joy.  It was experienced by sitting in sunlight.  The touch of another, the taste of sugar, the stare of a mother, the reassurance of a friendship and each had rules but very none came with conditions. 

As a young man I knew the warmst of a girl, the eternity of a partnership the security of health.

As a young man I knew the reassuance of knowledge, the joy of love, the pleasure of desire, the inspiration of the future and strenght of my body.

As a person entering the workforce I knew the expectations of endless opportunity,  the drury of work, the satisfaction of completion,  the sweat of effort and a sense of accomplishments.
As a parent I felt the weight of responsibility, the sense of selflessness,  the marvel of life and the fear of the future.

As a family man I learned to bend.  I accepted the rules of others.  I learned that tomorrow was a goal not a mission. I learned that someone cared enough to join me.

As a professional I am learned that the only true winner can be the owner otherwise he’d be an employee.

As an intelligent man I touched the child once again and cut my chains.  I realized the dream is not for children but for you and I.  Its time to seek yiur fate and seek the joy pf defining your next step.

Watch your back, store your knowledge and when least expected release the child for this is his or her life not the conformed one you have been molded into.

Its a series of decisions that make tomorrow seek the next in your heart not your mind.   The mind is designed to work out the hearts decisions…