The Thanksgiving Perspective


As Thanksgiving approachs we seem to lose sight of why we should be so thankful.  We have gifts that few have ever seen, yet it seems we spend our lives concerned with petty issues.  Our culture is consumed with feelings of entitlement that permeate all aspects of our lives.  We also forget that change is a constant and everything occurs in cycles.  When things seem they have hit rock bottom celebrate for things are about to improve.

Remember that at this very moment someone’s

AC stopped working
Their job does not let them go on the vacation you planned
The trip to their job site on Monday  means they will need to at the airport at 7am.
They did not get upgraded and missed their flight
Their taxes are higher than expected
They missed a cab
They missed an important call
During traffic a car ran across their lane
Their child didn’t win an award at school
Someone feels overweight and can’t stop over eating
Someone drinks too much and gets a DUI
Someone feels like they are getting older
Someone just lost their wallet or phone
Someone just lost a job
Someone just lost a friend
Someone loses a parent
Someone lost their family’s healthcare
Someone’s spouse has left them
A single mom stares at her sleeping children not knowing if they will eat tomorrow
Someone lost their home
Someone’s marriage failed
Someone can’t heat their home
Someone has moved thier family to a homeless shelter
Someone’s child is not doing well at school
Someone did not get the new job
Someone’s car broke and they can’t afford to fix it
Someone’s cable is cut
Someone lives in a small apartment
Someone’s homeless
Someone cries themselves to sleep
Someone won’t have Christmas
Someone will tell their children there is no Christmas for them
Someone’s beaten
Someone is raped
Someone’s child finds a lump
Someone finds a lump
Someone loses a child
Someone is killed
Someone is dying
Someone is starving
Someone is holding thier dying starving child
Someone is dying of starvation while holding their dead child

Next time you think your life and its daily problems are so bad, its truly a matter of perspective.  

We live our lives in a world we measure against the ideal. 

Give thanks for your weather, your economy and your health as it exists today for as little as a 100 years ago you probably would have a third of your experiences and lived half as long with less than 20 percent of the comforts you enjoy today.

The Pharoahs of Egypt lived in less comfort and half as long as you do today. 

In the end its about perspective and we’ve lost ours.

This holiday just remember you are thankful.   If you even are reading this you are wielding more power and wealth than 99 percent of humanity has had since it rose from the african plains to claim rule to this earth.

To those that feels the pressures of life and injustice of society are a burden, remember both the fight and joy of life is completely over in death. Everytime you have something that seems overwhelming its will end and with its end you will find joy. Don’t seek death as a solution for its the one overwhelming thing that will not be fixed and forgotten. Death is frieght train barreling down on you, it comes for free there’s no sense seeking it.  Wait for the end to surprise you for in between you will also be surprised to find joy agian. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday and for those that think Thanksgivings is a holiday for Americans, its not… we should all thank our lucky stars we are alive tonight for most are not.