In the blink of a life


We spend our lives worried about what we should have done and what we will be doing and hardly noticing what we are doing.

As I get older more and more of my contemporaries describe this feeling that time seems to be speeding up.  We seem to feel that weeks, months and seasons flash by us in a blink of an eye.

How many of us have experienced a loss of time during our evening or morning commutes to work.  Before we know it, it seems we arrive at our homes and our jobs with little cognitive recollection and mystified at how we can barely remember the path and events that transpired in between.

On Mondays we discuss what we did over the weekend and by Thursday we have planned Friday night and the following weekend.  On Saturday we awake praying for the day to last and then spend our Sundays wallowing in self pity at the thought of its end.

Granted we have fun on weekends and even some days during the week and at times may even seem wonderful,  but in general we follow a pattern. 

This pattern is where I think we lose our sense of time.  The repeatative pattern of activities and mice like maze of routes we move through daily are responsible for the loss of time resulting in this sense that time is running faster.

For example when we are children the world is a mysterious and wonderous place of new discoveries and adventures.  We all remember “the first time” of anything! 

As an infant I still remember the first time I saw a bottle of glistening frosty Cola-cola sitting on the edge of our dinner table.  It had been left there by someone and the sunlight was striking it from behind brusting through with a rich caramel color that seems so sweet.  I had never tried it, yet I knew it was sweet and I wanted it, wanted it bad!  At the tender age of just past 2, I reached for it and tasted it for the first time.  It was cold and so so sweet, it was like nothing I had ever tasted, I was a fan!   The impression was so great that to this day the memory has never left me. The taste was so wonderful that its never be repeatable.  Today I have stopped drinking soft drinks and in fact find their sweetness to be too strong. That taste of heaven has never been there agian and unfortunately will never be there in the future for now, its not new.

Like this, there many firsts and each seems full of detail and wonder.  Each set the mark by which all future similar experiences are to be measured.

These first time experiences were all extremely detailed.  These experiences were carefully analyzed and categorised by each of the appropriate senses.  Sight, touch, smell and taste.  Each time we studied every detail.

Our first drive to a new location is filled with new sights that are absorbed and analyzed.  We seek landmarks that are familiar and study those we have not seen before.    As we begin to repeat these paths daily we block out more and more details.

We stop seeing the same places because they do not draw our interest, its just the same old stuff.  Our cognitive minds only alert us of changes to the regular patterns and otherwise we are numb to there existance.

This same effect occurs at all levels during our lives.  We take our beautiful homes for granted.  We stop noticing the uniqueness and beauty of those we love.  We find that with over 300 cable channels there’s nothing to watch.

We basically drop the now because its boringly the same.  We then fill the present with thoughts of tomorrow and yesterday.   We think of how things always seem better before and hope for improvement tomorrow and before we know it, we blink, and our life is all in the past.

Forget yesterdays, they can’t be changed and don’t worry about tomorrow it will soon be in the past.  Live for today for its truly all we really have.  Notice what’s in front of you before its gone, because one of these times the pattern will end and then thinking about it is again missing today and it all happens in a blink of a life.


Do we really want to politically lose Christmas


As we near the end of each year the wind blows first with a crispness that soon you know will turn to a chill.  As you walk the city or town you are in you know its coming.  The leaves yellow as the sky gains a nostalgic grey tone.  The rain seems thinner, the home warmer and the spirit richer.

We are heading into our holiday season.

As tradition dictates we first have the harvest season and for some Holloween.  In the past this was the last chance to gather our crops and prepare for a more barren time. 

Today it means more pumpkin and cinnamon get added to our drinks and food.

Its a time where we begin to plan how lovers, families and friends will unite.  Familiar voices begin to frequent our conversations. 

We dress up and give candy to those  neighbors we rarely exchange
more than a wave. Its Holloween in America.

Our entertainment becomes seasonally focused with stories of triumph, love, faith and family.

We touch each other more gently. .

Then a northern wind reminds us that we should be thankful that we have the luxury of life.  The food banks get increased donations, we losen our collective belts and gather those we love for a meal.  As we sit in our warmed homes we know its getting brutal out there and take comfort that most are spared.  For just a century ago it was not the case.  Then as now for some was and is a time of struggle and life was in daily peril.   Today this is still the case but we have progressed and strive to decrease the population that still struggles, for some will die tonight as we sit and watch a parade, its Thanksgiving day in America.

The number of street lights continue to increase their hues sparkle as we tie our trees to the roofs of our cars.   The tradition was to bring an evergreen indoors to remember that winter would end.  As the season continued the tree also made for fuel that kept our homes warm. 

Today our trees are draped with memories,  traditional decorations and lights as the scent of pine becomes universal.

Stories of wonder and joy explode across our entertainment.   As children our eyes glaze at the wonder and beauty of the promise that love is supreme, life is a joy and eternity sits ahead a gilded golden path.  To some even god is joyful to the point of sending us his loving and forgiving son.

The places we frequent are adorned with garland, reindeers, angels and lights.  There’s a man that has lived forever guarding us agianst the darkness for he rides all night and sees all children and will be there forever.  Today as a child you can sit on his lap and take a photo with him. 

You hold your mother’s and father’s hand as you pass the reenacted scene of a a magical birth and a promise that we will always be loved.

We open the door of the oven to check as the door bell rings.  The uncles and dad insure the meal that may be getting cooked out doors is tended.  Jimmy stewarts runs through bedford falls.  The grinch gains a heart and linus recites scripture.

Its Christmas eve  in America

They rub they’re eyes as you hear the tiny footsteps fky across the floor.  As a child, its not even believable.   Before you a guilded tree dominates the room and acroos the floor gifts.  As you eyes pan across the scene they land on the half drunk glass of milk and cookie crumbles that remain as evidence that magic is real.

Its Christmas day in America.

Please don’t let it go, we’ve only been able to have this beautiful time for less than 100 years.  What will come in its place will be bland and grey.  It will smell of political rightous and ooze of distain.  Its not for everyone, but its ours they have no right to it. 

If they don’t like they can boycott it.  You know why they don’t?  

Because no one in their right mind boycotts it, see New York, Boston, Chicago, etc…  boys realize we nailed it!

We’ve created a beautiful holiday that is not exclusive for no one checks memberships, color, race or belief nor is it forced on them.  Just because ours is so cool your kids want it is not our fault.   Folks we have thousands of cable channels to switch from, don’t like one, change the channel we’ll be just fine.

An old man passes as we welcome the child and it’s a New Year in America

May you have a great holiday season, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The great golddilocks zone


Really we have a government shut down? Our future is in question but wait isn’t always supposed to be just right!!

This is what i call the goldilocks zone it’s the bubble we live thinking that things will always be just right. Well unfortunately fiscal systems have basic logical rules.  these systems are based on exchanging value. Our current system has a set of dollars that is created based on the perception of some value. 

What is value?  Well anything that someone is willing to exchange of value to them for your goods is what determines “value”.   So in simple terms value is intrinsically tied and measured to something you can exchange it for. 

Gold for example has been a measure of value because its a form of decoration that does not wither or rust.  So in human terms its eternal in its current state. 

Fruit in comparison has a great value for those starving,  but since it can be replicated unlike gold which as of yet can not so making it finite. Additionally fruits value declines quickly as it withers within days and loses its nutritional value. There its value is much more temporal making it a tough commodity to keep and trade over and over.

So back to the government stoppage.   What are we trading beyond printable paper.  We can print all we want right??  Wrong… we can’t. ..

There is the dilemma our paper “the dollar” has a value.   Its core value is that its not infinite because tradeable commodities like food, oil and products are not infinite.  So if we have infinite dollars they can not buy things that are finite.

I hope you are following…

So why are we in this problem is because Americans (myself included) have started to live in a world where things are just right.  Like the story of golddilocks.   She found what was just right. 

Well folks we’ve actually have been blessed to live at a time where the good life has been assumed and not the exception.

Look back throughout human history.  We have air conditioning, we want taco bell or mcdonalds at 3am and its there. We hear a noise and 911 is expected.   People this is NOT normal. 

You want to know what normal is.  Well here are some examples

1.  You die at child birth so men have many wives to insure there is someone to nuture and develop kids for work by the age of 7 or 8.
2. Children go to war at age 13
3. Women bare children as soon as they can
4. War occurs in the village not on tv
5. You die at 35 because you were healthy
6. 60 year old people are holy
7. You travel 60 miles from home your whole life
8. Education is staying alive
9. If murder occurs it only happens to the nobility
10. Your future planning extends to tomorrow
11. Your ambition is to survive
12. Your teeth are a pattern of filth
13. Bathing removes the protective covering of dirt
14. A cut is mortal
15. A day without a beating is a good day
16. The king of its day had half of what an american on welfare has today
17. Your legacy was your kids survival
18. God was the best option
19. Hell was life
20. Joy was unknown but promised by religion and delivered at death

We have been living in the golddilocks zone and can’t imagine it not being there but it can happen folks.  Get real because its gonna happen to you if you stay compliant.  

The american middle class was a miscalculation of the governing  structure of the world.

Post World War 2 we got away from under their control and began demanding.  It was ok for a while but now the Russians, the chinese, others want their mtv and we can’t do it.  Someone has to be the lower class and the world is shrinking the pool of poor.

The government freeze is not a joke.  We have a problem not every american can be equal.   If we want communism then let’s say it.  But if I produce morw value than you then I deserve more than you.  If you disagree then let this play out and the guns will settle it for us.  The fact is that if I have more power due to vakue.  And by the way money and guns do not equal in value.   In our current system money buys guns but in a system where money is worthless guns retain their value.

When the guns rule then progress is stunned for knowledge is manipulated.   I know this may sound far fetched but its basic human nature.  We need to contorl our government but it must governed by those that intoduce value else its destined to be governed by guns.  Btw today guns protect in the golddilocks zone and our military and second amendment have provided this for 200 years. be careful what we give up because its easy to lose and impossible to gain.

What government really fears – #you just voted!


As we sit watch our government, I can’t help but think isn’t there a better way?

Ok I get it things like Obama care will have some serious negative impact and yes it will also help others but in the end the only ones it doesn’t affect or affect the least are the very same elected officials that are deciding this and all our laws.

So why is it that in a world where we can buy goods, work from home, do our banking, watch and even contact our elected officials we still can’t instantly vote online?

Its simple, instant accountability and lack of contorl is why we are not allowed to vote online.

Yes they use the digital divide as an excuse, well here’s a simple solution.  Libraries, government buildings and post offices.  Place free devices at these places, they already exist in libraries, so everyone has access today.  Its much easier than standing in a ridiculous line to use an ancient system and all of us crammed in rooms at the same time.

Will there be fraud? Sure but no more than there is now with buying votes, the voting dead (not to be confused with the Walking Dead, these guys are real actors with votes) etc.

by the here’s how we can control fraud much better than today’s system does.  You will have one voter id per person.  Just as you do today.  So if there’s a fraudulent vote cast using your voters id, you can be instantly be notified by a tweet sent to your voters id assigned tweeter account.

This would be an assigned account to your voter id without any relationship to you as a person so anonymity would be perserved while insuring one’s vote is safe.

Now here’s a way to insure that the taxes you pay fund what the tax paying public feels should be funded.

Assign a vote weight based on the total tax you pay.

For example one vote credit per dollar of tax paid.  So if you are vagrant and pay no taxes, sorry no credit. Pay a shit load, get a shit load of credits.

Hey since we are footing the bill shouldn’t we have a say?  Whats the reason we fought for independence?   I remember something about no taxation without representation.

Hmm, think I may be on to something here?  But hey, what about anonymity?

If we tie taxes to a person and that to voting credits Isn’t there a way to tie this all back to you?


Here’s why.  We take a lesson from the swiss bankers.  Every time you pay your taxes you deposit that sum into you voter id number.  Remember today your voter’s registration id has yiur name right on it.  This basically gives you the right to pull a hidden lever as it were. Here you will have the same ability by just getting a nunber of levers so to speak, equal to the taxes paid.

So now today we could all go and realky vote on whether our government is shut down,  we launch rockets to the moon or we have free national health care.

What else will this do you ask?  It will force legislature to be written in our interest.   Because the senators and congressmen would know that we had the real vote.  They would stop being decision makers and become our administrators the jobs they pretend to have today.

Here the clincher,  we would then only have ourselves to blame and be dully accountable.  The power of government would truly be in the hands of those that pay for it.

So the next time they tell you we have a real representative system look at the number of likes on your last post and consider if thats a better one..

#we have a choice and ability today and its staring right at you now…

What lives in the dark – no fear


As we approach Halloween,  it never ceases to amaze me that people fear nonsense.  Bear with my story there is a very good lesson here.

As a small child I had the typical love hate relationship with horror films.   Looking back it was almost like watching a trian wreck.   Although I knew I’d regret it I had to watch. 

Growing up with ancient television,  I was limited to what was on the standard 3 networks and a scattering of uhf channels. 

I know that for many of you uhf is not familiar, these were off regular “air” wave channels.   The regular clear air wave channels were pbs, abc, cbs and nbc.  They would broadcast on bands usually allocated to channels 2-pbs, 4-cbs, 7-nbc and 10 abc.  These four (pbs was government run) were the kings of the television.  This was where “new” shows would air. 

After the shows were cancelled they were relegated along old black and white movies to the “odd” channels 5, 6, 8, 9 and the channels above 13 to about 59 channels.   These 13 to 59 were called the UHF bands.    

These uhf channels tended to run older fims and have “event hosted” or topic specific time slots.   One of the all time kid  favorites event hosted time slots was “Creature Feature”. 

Creature Feature would usually start from 11pm and play two or three films back to back.  The programming would normally include some character dressed in some horror theme as the host.  The host would start off the evening by telling you somenfacts about the movies that were to come, some jokes and sometimes try to scare you in some movie related way.

One of the most famous of these hosts was Elvira “Mistress of the Dark”.  Elvira was a pretty hot number.  She dressed as a vampire and had large full breasts.  These were packed tightly behind a provocative dress that every adolescent boy hoped would eventually  suffer a malfunction.  Anyway these programs played on Fridays and or Saturdays and were relished by kids all across america. 

So every time I sat and watched one of these films I knew that right after I faced a long walk back to my dark room where I was sure whatever creature was featured that night was lurking in wait.

One of these nights as with every other Creature Feature night.  I saw the credits roll and sprang up turning off the tv which immediately dropped the living room into darkness and motivated me to run straight and quickly to my bedroom.

As I arrived I turned the light in my room and shut the door, insuring the demons, vampires,  werewolves and other nightmares chasing me would not get in.  Once in the room I knew I was little safer for this was where every movie and program I ever watched told me was the place it all went down. 

So as I had done for many times I quickly slid into my bed and pulled the covers  tight to my neck making sure that none of it was visibly inviting.  As I laid in my bed I then start to think. 

I would think of the most recent film and all the possible scenarios of my doom raced through my mind.  The only difference this night was that I had seen this same movie “taste the blood of dracula” way too many times already. 

This started some thoughts that changed me forever. 

As I laid in bed I began ro realize that I had seen this many times before.   So if I saw this movie tonight way would this night be the night that Dracula was to come and get me? 

Then I thought of my friends, which I knew had also seen this and considered if they too laid in thier beds in wait was Dracula coming for all of us?  

That’s when revelation came over me as a great aha. 

If it was true that there were things to fear in my dark then it was certainly the same in their rooms?

So then my brain’s growing analytical side kicked.  Hey if there were monsters in the dark then certainly someone besides the movies should have a share of victims?  So why was it that on monday mornings the teachers never had to explajn why Tommy who was Dracula’s latest victim was not coming back to school? 

Or what about why hadn’t joe or bill come in with a scar on thier face and explained it was due to a close call? 

I mean never???

The more I thought about it the more I realized i never, not once, had I seen anything like what I saw in the movies..

Then I thought why today, was there some synchronized system that monsters had to alert them to who saw what movie on what day? 

How come the creature from the black lagoon was nit coming  on Tuesday night after the Brady Bunch? 

So I quickly came to the realization that this was nonsense,  but this doesn’t end here…

So years and decades passed and as I entered my 30s and 40s I notice I no longer feared the monsters, now it was spirits and demons that remained in the dark.  Well and why not,they were in the Bible?

These fellas may just be working in some mysterious way that the victim is not even aware and therefore not so easily dismissed or noticeable. ..

I would watch as my kids now suffered, even after I walked them through the monster logic.  They agreed and lost thier fear of monsters but movies like the exorcist and paranomal activity.

These were the makers of nightmares. 

They agreed the movie to event synchronization was still  a valid point of silliness. 

I mean, just caused you watched it tonight didn’t mean it was coming but these were ghost and if we believed in an afterlife, well…

Ok so here is why you should not be scared even if you believe and by the way I believe there is an afterlife and yet here’s the clicher!

Ok if there is an afterlife then its us right? 

I mean, if there is an afterlife then its us after we lose our physical bodies. 

I mean now we are spirit and body.

After death we are just spirit. 

Wait for it, think you are seeing it yet…

So if we are now spirit and body and ghost are just spirit,  why are we afraid??? 

If we are spirit then we have all spirit capabilites and by the way as a physical being I can also hurt things alot more physically than a ghost right?

So I think its absurd that we fear the inferior spirit forms.  Folks if they are us, we are so much more powerful.  We can kick thier spirit ass and hand it to them at the physical plain right after.  In fact they should fear our asses as we are the superior form. 

Ok so its a bit over the top but in the end its about nonsense and if we realize that we fear the dark only because its a primal fear.

When we were hunter gathers we kept fires lit at night to keep the predators at bay.  Since then the monsters moved in and have been lurking in the dark closets of our minds. 

Stop the nonsense and think when was the last time Johnny showed and said, “shit! Last night was fucked up and Mary…. well she didn’t make it”

Have a fun and happy Halloween, we like Frankenstein have made our own monsters.   We have made it all up and its ours to play with and may the only thing to pop out at night be one of Elivira’s nipples!!