You know that when writing a blog the way to get people to understand what you are writing is to add tags.  Well today I thought what a better subject to speak about then the heart wrenching process and status of unemployment. When it was time to add the tags I started with the standard unemployment but quickly realized how all aspects of how we see ourseleves revolves around our professional position.  I found that family and even sex were fair game and that just fueled me to think of how integral our jobs are to who we feel we are.

From an early age we are labeled as a person with a name but quickly that changes to being something besides just a person’s name.  We lose our names to titles,  a title by which the world would know and reward us for. 

For example we are first labeled with simple names such as baby, then as child.  By the time we are 48 months old most of use are students.  We seem to retain this student label until we become teenage children, then by the time we begin to define ourselves we are just labeled teenagers.  This label remians at home until we become college kids but not before many of us get jobs.

This is when the great divide first occurs.   To our parents we are one thing but to an employer we are employees.   Just when we start to think that we are important, largely because we are older than most in school, we learn that we are just beginning.   We learn that to the world we are professional children.   This is the first real tough lesson.  We feel that we need to identify with some school of knowledge and therefore again become as special at work as we thought we were at school.  Of course there are always the exceptions like Koby Bryant and Bill Gates but lets refocus on us. 

Yes these titans are living the dream we were all promised but they were given the gift of unusual talent, means or luck that most others miss.

For most of us we struggled to get to the right company and the right job that made the right income needed to make all that work bearable.

We sometime worked at jobs while we kept going to school, Because of the greater promise of a better tomorrow would be just beyond graduation day.  Some without the skill, the determination, the support and or economic fortitude just struggled and quickly saw the promise of dreams turn to a life of contentment.   We settled for the car, the clothes and the lotto. 

We never stopped dreaming but unlike those that remained entrenched in the promise of an education we stopped calling ourselves students or labeling ourselves as future doctors and instead reworked our job titles to something we could live with.  We called ourselves Supervisors, Managers, Clerks, Agents, Representatives, etc. .

Those in schools kept their identity tied to the future, Architect, Doctor, etc..  some compromised with lesser but yet more categorically specialized with titles like Policemen, Fireman, Nurse, etc..

Regardless we increasingly stopped being a name and became a title.  Even the highly educated college grads began to recognize themselves by these titles more and more.  Including in some cases we added the names of products into your self image.  

We were not just a marketing person we were a Coca Cola marketing person or a .net software developer and list goes on.  We began to tie ourselves to these products that limited our perception of just what we were and what we could do. We personified with our companies.  
Our titles now bore a first name like Sony, Toshiba, Ford, etc.. and at some point this began to shape our self image.  

Now go to the realities of today.  Our new job is unemployed.   Yes its easier for those graduates from the last 6-7 years.  They have no other perspective than what they’ve lived and learned. But what about the ones that worked for 25 plus years.  The ones that saved in 401 ks that vanished into the ether.  The ones that will be watching what we let our government do.  The government that won’t care about your mom who slaved for 39 years and found herself homeless when her company, her future went belly up. 

No, no , no. 

Today we cry for our souls are empty for we filled them with the promise of a rebuilding. 

Today we hold guns to our temples in the hopes that the pain of self ego destruction can be silenced.   That our children and our spouse not ask again for we can’t bare to let them down. 

I’m here to tell you there is hope!

In fact just remember you were able to smile and enjoy the world before you had anything or anyone.   This same world exists for you always.

We must stay the course or chart a course away from any shore where pain resides.   You are here for you and not for others   specifically for others not here for you.

We do forget one thing, it’s all fake.  Its all a man made fantasy. The job, the bills, the pressure.

We are still our parents kids, with all our dreams and still glassy eyed with wonder.  We must be, for we are our children’s mirror reflection.  The future reflection of all mankind.  

If you have no child then every lonely orphan are yours children. Someone is looking up to you even if yiu don’t know it.  You are the future, you have dreams that I nir anyone but you can have, you have wonder that I can’t experience for the universe is a first person experience.   Share yourself and learn that jobs are tasks not people.

Learn that without you a universe will end. The universe onky you know, the happiness, the tenderness, the beauty, that you have had at one point will be there again. Its still there. Learn that a profession and a title are just someone else’s fantasy.  Learn that as with all fantasy they are only yours by choice and can change in a heartbeat, a living heartbeat. Stay alive, live and smile for when all is at its worst, the good news is its all about to change and when the worst is to change then its all about to get better. Life if full of ups and downs if you are down then up is just around the corner.


The coexistence of Faith, Magic and Science


Through time science has been cast as being against faith and magic.  One main premise of disagreement surrounds concepts like god. 

The majority of those that describe how science attacks the magical or the religious don’t understand the role of science.

First Science is not a religion or a movement created to convince, in fact it was not invented at all, it was created as a by product of understanding what is not understood.   It was eventually named as a way to collect and categorize concepts for interpreting nature.

Its objective is to enlighten and empower man not limit, belittle or confuse man.

So how can science, faith and magic coexist?

Let’s take magic.  The entertainment form of magic is based on the ability to manipulate and leverage nature to create an illusion.   For example magicians understand that the human eye can be influenced to follow distractions and the use of speed can comprise the human eyes ability to see objects as they move.  All of magic is based on understanding nature and using it. So when scientists decompose the magician’s trick is not to ruin it but to allow others to learn it.  In fact magic has even been leveraged by scientists to conduct brain and other physical studies.

Now lets take faith or religion for this is where the real battkes are fought. 

Put simply, Science our framework for understanding, measuring and leveraging reality to our benefit.  

Science is limited because it 2as created by humans and most likely will never be capable of proving or disproving God. 

What science does is disprove Gods based on human nature since human nature is observable and within it framework.   Science basically says that any God that may exist is so beyond our comprehension that we simply lack the frame of reference to prove or disprove what created what we call reality.

Ironically, I always go back to a very religious man, St. Augustin when I try to fathom what God may be.

There is a story that St. Augustin who was a Catholic saint of the middle ages, would regularly ponder what was God and why God would allow the injustices he regularly observed. 

One of these times St. Augustin was sitting on the shore of a beach thinking of who, what and why God was.  During the hours he sat contemplating these thoughts he was watching a child that was carrying a bucket back and forth between the water and a hole in the ground.  Each time the boy would fill the bucket with water run back to the hole he had previously dug on the beach and pour the water into the hole. 

After several hours St. Augustin decided he wanted to see what the boy was doing.  He rose, brushed off the sand and approached the boy as he agian emptied his bucket of sea water into the hole. 

St. Augustin called out to the boy and asked, what are you doing?  The boy paused and said I am trying to put the water in the ocean into this hole.  St. Augustin, who not only was religious but had been formally educated said.

“Boy this is madness, you will never put the ocean into that hole, in fact each time you pour your water in, it just goes right back into the ocean.”

With this the boy paused and said “if I cannot put the ocean into this hole what makes you think you can put God into your mind.”  According to the legend at that time St. Augustin understood he had no way of understanding God for he had no frame of reference.

Now, both sides of the argument, magic versus science are composed of people. As we know people come in all shapes, sizes and with personal opinions and preconceived notions.  St. Augustin for example was a Catholic so he assumed the boy to be Christ for that was his frame of reference.  He came to his conclusions using his preconceived notions of who represented God but was he any more wrong in his conclusion than the scientist that says heaven is not above in the clouds and hell is not at the center of the earth?

So in conclusion all science attempts to do is explain, using the only tools we have, our senses.  In fact many scientists willingly refer to a universal architect.   Science explains what the creator has done, it never disproves its existance only seeks its mechanics and understands that we don’t know what it, who or why it is.

Worship at will what you may but don’t enforce your comfort zone on others for usually its much less comforting for them.

Comets hitting mars.


If you have not heard there is a comet hitting Mars around October or November this year.  The most amazing thing is we have rovers on Mars today and they will bare witness to this event.  So if you thought Armagedon was a good movie stay tuned its about to get real,  we hope.  Yes there is a chance the comet may also miss Mars, but unlikely. Instead there is even a greater chance it will hit while Mars is on the opposite side of our Sun and all our transmissions will be blocked.  This means that when our rovers capture the atmospheric entry
and impact we will be unable to see it.  By the way once there is impact its very likely the rovers will be demolished or damaged to the point that we will never see what was recorded unless we see it live seconds before the massive wsumami of earth (Mars) engulfs and destroys them.  So hold on to your hats it may be a once in a hundred lifetimes opportunity or just another fresh crater to see.