Hungry terror too bad


So suddenly we find that prisoners don’t like prison.   I thought they were supposed to hate it?  So if you are in prison and refuse to eat you get your way? 

Are we crazy?  The prisoners in guantanamo cuba are horrible terrorist.

Are their victims on hunger strike? 

No their victims are dead. 

Thier victims hate being dead and don’t eat either.   Too bad, my friends you made your bed. 

By the way everyone seems to love the carribean.  They save all year to go and lay in that sun, so look at the glass half full, you get to vacation all the time, enjoy it. 

By the way if you starve by choice who am I to keep you from your virgins?  Go get ’em buddy..

Enjoy your time in the sun, because when the shoe was on the other foot, you shoved it up our collective asses.

Well that didn’t feel too good either.  

I wish we were jihadist, then you’d be dead already and we would have saved some cash.  Too bad we’ve wasted our money and time keeping you alive.  Too bad we haven’t learned what you’ve been teaching us. 

I agree, we should stop invading your deserts, in fact if we leave you alone you’ll take care of the problems yourself.  You all hate each other as much as us.  Look at your miserable existence, its a desert and its not the land I refer to its your souls.  I hope you succeed but not in getting out, but in starving.  

I will think of you the next time I eat a juicy sinful hamburger and smile.  Have a nice eternity and a coke and some fries with that..

Folks don’t be foolish the jihadist hate us and they always will.  Ignore them for thats how you’ll really hurt them.   Ignore them and they will eventually stop trying to show us they are relevant. Like serial killers these folks are seeking publicity and want you to live in fear. Don’t let them win.

Unfortunately we are now oil vampires and it’s what keeps this problem alive.  How can we break our self imposed shackles is not an answer I have, but it must be part of any solution.  In the meantime if they want to starve why fight it, let them.

Also this is not all mideastern or muslims that are the enemy they come in all colors and religions and we just need to confront them with courage and truth. Not political truth but human truth. We need to also fight the urge to hate for thats how we avoid becoming them.

As far as the hunger strike, its their choice and we are all about freedom of choice. Just remember to choose wisely. ..


The speed of change


Over the last several decades the changes facing individuals at work and school at times feel overwhelming.   You see what you’ve mastered become irrelevant and replaced.  The fear this brings can be morally crushing.  The first time its okay because its seems obvious.  What you did so well was just improved so now you rush to its acceptance and agian find satisfaction in its re-mastery. 

But soon after you realize the speed of change continues its relentless increase.

Initially most feel this is not sustainable, its too risky, why change what works. it doesn’t make business sense. These are thoughts that ran through the minds of manufacturers like those invested in VHS technology decades ago, more recently in personal computers and today in Ipad like tablets.

All these “facts” felt just as logical but in fact they all stood at the threshold of exponential change and the beginning of brand and ego erosion.  throughout thier cycles of self justification, younger more eager and a less invested generation begins to arrive. 

The younger ones arrive with the tools you are struggling to keep up with. To them its second nature as it once was to you. They don’t want to learn the past no more than they want to learn how to use clutch on vechiles. What for? Slowly these past technologies and ideas begin to be erased.   why learn them? Their too difficult, its too different, its old, its too slow, there are so many other things to learn, why bother? This is how they feel, this is how you once also felt.

These are words that drive a stake through the old master’s heart.  All that time spent perfecting legacy is now challenged and not becuase of the traditional norms but because its seen as just a waste of time to learn the past. 

The masters struggle to prove these change agents wrong.  Things such as “if you forget the past you will repeat its mistakes”.  Maybe true for human political history but not all matters, consider the following. 

Did you learn to drive a horse and buggy before a car?  Did you listen to a live concert before a radio? Did you kill you food before you last fast food lunch?  Did you need to pickup paper or load a printer with ink to read these very words?

Slang is a favorite target of protectors of the status quo and a perfect example of positive progress.   They are constantly accusing the youth of bastardizing the original langauge with the use slang without a thought to how languages evolve.  For example if not for slang today we would be speaking medieval English.  Thou knowest!

These examples are similar to what occurs with professions.  If you ask individuals that work in the field of software what thier title and job is they immediately rattle off things like.  I am a java, php or C# software developer as examples.  People will brand themselves to market product names not realizing that label and date them. These labels build external and internal identities, identities that limit them.  These market products will come and go. You are a software developer, you are a transportation engineer, you are adaptable. As humans our advantage as sentient beings is we are the creators of the past and the future.  I know its hard but embrace the future no matter what it brings for if not, it will run over you. 

You must remember are the pioneer, the very reason tomorrow came. Be proud, stay current, it yoie advantage for these younger versions of you need your years of mistakes and change not just your mastery to get through thier future mistakes and change. 

Remember you will always be ahead if you keep learning.  Thats your secret, you are where you are today because life can’t be taught out of a book or in a classroom.  You have the edge just keep sharpening it!

One man’s lie


The events in the city ask why.  you were led like
sheep to the faith of a dead man.  The morning air was like all others, you were a reason for fear suspended by it.  But the sound stopped your heart and you saw what you did, it hit you as the shock wave rippled.  But it was too late for as a child you stared at what you could not believe.  Others stared in fright from thier hidden and protected locations.  They saw an act of ignorance . You knew the truth.  A truth so vicious that you hid more from it than those searching that searched for you. You sit in a darkness of your soul and search for reason. A reason that never comes.  The act and its result have no impact except on your soul.   You struggle for comfirmation that is never coming.  Now you know the enemy stares from a mirror.   So in an act of desperation for reason, you find a vaccum of lies, but it’s too late.  The vaccum envelopes you.  All is lost.

They sit and wait for you to return as another door opens to the defenders of nothing but a dead man’s twisted dreams.  To arms the new ignorant exhales.   The teachers crouch as they search in these new, for you return with a new face, its you again.  

What they gain is another fool.  Rejoice in your accomplishment fool for they wait for you to come with all your faces. 

Your thoughts rush back as you walk and stare at the body of a child who rushed in his pride to see his father which now can never see his child. 

You have your 99 virgins which for eternity stay virgins, for your torture begins with them. 

Welcome to the face of your actions.   the cloud of darkness rise from the ground, the storm of tears nears and the echoing thunder is now sound you made of the cries of the victims.

You know child will never cease to wonder when his father will arrive. He holds out his hand and ask who would and why. Hold out your bloodied hand and wait for actors and contributors for eternity will wait for your reason why. ….
You struggle to free yourself but the monsters grip is as a vice, its your new self image that holds you. You are the artist of the lie you have painted for eternity. Go with your mirror and stare at what they made of god’s original creation. Now that you beg before him, he will forgive, for unlike the monster, man made he is not.

For now you know that a man’s lies can last an eternity, an eternity you will live. A lie that you forced on others. A lie that only you could stop or make. You are effective, but yet only as a man’s lie. Welcome to his nightmare, welcome to radicalism, find him for he sits on a bloodied throne that smolders on your flesh. Thank him for not letting you be alone as the next one arrives, the one who you see in the mirror. Its the monster, its your new face, the monster stares back. Its the same monster they see in thier mirror for the mirror holds a blood stained truth. The truth that you now have made for the sake of a another’s lie.

The gift


The systems of man we worship are created and promoted through the ages.  We are told that some human image sits and judges us with all our faults as its attributes.   We endow the creator of the universe with our human greed, envy, anger, ego and fears.  Our religions are the strongest force of control we have ever faced and the insitutions we create are focused on altering thier message as it serves to perserve thier power over us.  They shroud themselves in the convenient concept called faith and deem our greatest failure in our lack of faith.  This is a faith based on the belief of their message.  This faith is routinely challenged by our common sense and this common sense is attributed to a lack of faith. 

The truth is that our mind and ablilty to understand is the true gift of our true creator.  Regardless of faith or concept, our minds were given to us by it that created us.  Our minds serve as the only connection to whom ever you feel made you, for you were made somehow, someway, for you exist and you exist for what brings you joy, peace, love and purpose.  If someone tells you that they speak to god, know that only god can confirm it and unless your god persuades you then walk away, for this is not from it but from a man like you with one exception, they want power.

Even in the surely convoluted messages that may have been altered in the modern retelling of Christ, he says. 
“I am the son of god and you my brother.”  read into this…

I don’t push anyone ideal of mans religions nor feel that Catholicism nor Christianity  are the answer, but instead god’s gift to me has been that the message that Christ is under attack and the reason for this attack is just another of mans lies.  The Christ message is not about any religion its about freedom to think and have a personal god that guides from within our minds and not through our ears.  Think, just think, what did Christ say beyond we are all his equal.  This is why it persists, because whether Christ was real or whether a thought. The facts are that having a personal god is a very dangerous thing to those in power and needing control.   So was he or not, should we shroud his idea with what other men say.

You may ask that what is the difference if we learned this from other men. Well consider that since his story started hasn’t the most common goal been to erase and destory the message.  Think of how many ideas have been attacked like the idea of a lone poor messenger that only asked that you too have a personal relationship with your own definition of god.  It was too radical then and its too radical now.  This is the gift, our ability to think and make our own choice.  Use your mind and determine what this message gains beyond your freedom.  May you use the only gift you can count on your mind, and thank god, whatever god for it. 

Now to all my atheist friends, if your mind says there is no god, then trust your mind and delete this message for its from a man. Just remember it’s from a man without an agenda, besides your right to be free.

Use the only gift you can trust always and you will always know peace and it’s all we can truly strive for.