The apex of extinction


As we evolve as a race so does our self awareness as a part of the greater universe.  This universe seems as large in the grand scale as infinite in the micro scale.  The study of who we are and where we are increasingly challenges the gift we call the norm. 

The normal state of the human race to the those least educated is local and direct.  The more we learn the more we understand the cause and effect of things and events that initially seem completely indirect.  

When we learned that beyond our dwellings were others, we learned envy and devised means of extending contorl beyond our doors.  This extends to the current struggles we face militarily, economically,  politically and religiously.  
When we learned that our bodies aged and we eventually died, we learned fear of death and devised methods of self care.  This extends to our current battle biologically for survival.  Today we face the antiboitic effectiveness cliff, the dangers of unexpected side effects and the invention of weaponized viruses.

When we learned that earth is one speck of sand in a throbbing living beach we called the universe, we lost our sense of control and devised methods of understanding to enhance predictability.   Today we watch in wonder as heavenly bodies skim the outer atmosphere and stare in horror at ancient craters.

When we learned that nature was self preserving we lost our image of it as mother and instead found ourselves to be more coincidence. Now we devise technologies in an increasingly futile attmept to master her savagery. We building sea walls, racing to find ways of achieving climate manipulation, sustaining our food chain through engineering of food production and arrogantly terra forming wastelands that are unsustainable.

We learned that darkness can occur in daylight as we learned that radiation is invisible to our eyes and we devised sensors to alert us that its too late.  This extends to the current monitoring of our star and unstable elements.

Considering all we’ve learned and our devised mitigations are we safer or are we more aware that this normal we take fore granted is the reason man’s existence is only recorded for less than 10, 000 years.  Are we becoming self aware of our peril as the apex of our mass extinction nears?

The astro-physic Carl Sagan gave this warning over 20 years ago in his book “a pale blue dot”

I paraphrase; the salvation of our kind is hinged on our ability to escape this pale dot, fore it is evident in the geological record that we are likely catastrophically visited every 25 thousand years by an event that will wipe out civilization.   It is further evident that complete annihilation occurs every 50 thousand years and complete extinction is visited every several million years and all are sudden. 

We have largley been normal for over thousands of years, this is not the book of revelations nor the next mayan apocalypse its warning that does not come from man but instead interpreted by mans intellect.   Its deciphered by our minds the one true gift from our creator, our brain.  Everything its showing us says we are facing a series of frieght trains barreling towards the apex of our extinction.


Just once


Everyday millions of us interact. 

We wakeup together, we educate each other, we cry together, we hate each other, we fight together agianst each other, we kill each other, we grow intolerant of each other, we shame each other and we give birth, nuture, raise each other and finally bury and cry for each other. 

Through our lives we live as though these souls that travel through the frigid loneliness vaccum of interstellar space with us will have been and will always be.  They won’t, in fact each of us has the brief a rare privilege of knowing each other.  This gift is so rare that no previous or future soul will ever meet us or know.  The most we can hope for is that our image, character, beliefs and loves are remembered and most likely we will end with our children, grandchildren and friends.

Think about it, who remembers those that died just two hundred years ago. If remembered what control do we have of how we are portrayed.  What is told of us will be at most a box in a genealogy chart.  You are lucky to be a footnote and shadow of who we were and what we believe. 

In fact strip away our self created image and the legends we believe and you will find that those few billions that share our time on this spaceship we call earth EXIST AND DIE together.  We have a rare moment that happens once called life.  Like the pages of a bestseller we write each chapter together not apart.  For those things we let other people think of is turely our only legacy. 

Forget laws, forget religion, but never forget each other and maybe they won’t forget or alter the you, you share. 

Don’t stop giving because those in need will not be or do what you feel they should be doing.  Give because of what it defines in you and not impose yourself on them.

Don’t judge what you think others do when it does not use or hurt others. What fives you the right. 

Don’t stop to think when you can start to help the needy.

Just because a beggar will drink your charity is less of a charity is that a reason to reject thier cries of loniness and pain.

Don’t hate because you don’t understand or becuase others hated you.

Don’t ever forget the universe is a first person experience that can never be appreciated bu other how yiu precieve and appreciate it. And remember the end of the workd happens everyday when each of us dies.

In the end its not our color, our gender, nor our beliefs that matter and sets us apart.  It’s what we are taught about each of us from others and what we teach others by ourseleves about ourseleves. 

Seems unfair, but we are the reflection of what we share and what we think and believe in solitude in our minds.

I believe on science and feel that I am a man of facts more than beliefs in someone’s predefined afterlife. This only makes each of you so precious for each of us will only get one chance to really know another soul and mind.

So in the end, all we truly have is the privilege of knowing the living souls we can, only have each other just once.  we are more family than any in the past of future.

And if we never happen again don’t waste your chance and don’t disguard each other for it truly is the chance we just get once.


Obamanation is what will be left in four years


Why would you sink a nation by

prinitng money beyond the point that the us dollar can sustain its value and insuring a future spiraling inflation

giving banks tax payer money to cover mortgages and then force the same tax payers to pay the same banks so these same banks can give give back the tax payer money to government, instead of just paying off the home mortgages for all us citizens that are tax payers and therefore eliminating the banks problem while injecting the us economy with a well off consumer base instead of swelling unemployment ro never before seen heights

buying votes from the swollen unemployed masses by promising free healthcare and increased unemployed benefits (ok this one has been going a bit longer than his term,  he’s just taken this to new heights)

institute an unsustainable  healthcare system that will implode

Why because by the time the proverbial shit hits the fan he’s gone and the republicans will have a problem of biblical proportions that will insure one term. 

Whatever he is he isn’t stupid and he isnt alone.  So forget obama and look beyond at the pillars of Obama’s nation, what an obamanation!

The spine on mars


So how can anyone saparate reality from fiction.  Can there be a way to find authorized or serious academic points on things like the spine on mars pixs?  I have spent hours trying to get official nasa or otherwise recognized respecred insitution to no avail.  Think of all the nonsense that can be easily debunked.  Yes there will always those that are sure the men in black and luminati are controlling everything but these guys are a lost cause.  Lets stop ignorance by responding officially not ignoring.  In fact I still have not idea if the spine on mars is something more than rocks.

The war on guns or war on freedom


So now it seems we are about to go down the rabbit hole of another stupid war on things that no one will ever control.  Yes in Europe and other places where traditional fire arms have been controlled its possible but in the US this will be the next war on drugs.  So hows that gone, millions in prison for using marijuana.  How has that gone for us.  Our children, parents and family members in prison.  Well here is my advice invest in prisons there’s money there fellas..  sad.  So you have a gun and fear the governement is intent on contorlling you, well you will surely be further convinced as this goes on.  Btw open your eyes america the nazis took all guns so they could be the only to kill.  Should we do background checks, sure but when the checks are not publicly decided and voted on.  Lock and load guys.